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  • Map Collectors’ Circle – The American Colonies – Bickham – by D Schrire

    This is No 27 of the Map Collectors Circle published in 1966. Its proper title is Bickham’s Birds Eye County Views and the British Monarchy, including the North American Supplement, in full reproduction.

    It is Bickham’s beautifully executed work … “A Short Description of the American Colonies belonging to the Crown of Great Britain Engraved by George Bickham Snr, London published according to an Act of Parliament 19 Dec 1747” that dominates and makes this issue – hence our corrupted Voyager title.

    Usual Original light peach coloured card covers, 42 pages, numerous illustrations and the aforesaid reproduction.

    A reminder of the past for those that care or cope.

    American Interest – Bickham in 1747


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  • Pig Raising in Tasmania – V.J. Fagan

    Pig Raising in Tasmania – V.J. Fagan

    Published in 1966 when pigs were not as full on the meat rich Australian dinner table – now we like a bit of crackling and as many chooks as we can eat.

    Octavo, 171 pages, Lots of images from photographs, diagrams of various constructions, statistics etc.

    Obviously mass animal husbandry practices have moved on (not sure in which direction) since the 1960’s. However, if your thinking about raising a few oinkers this is a good book to start with.

    It was written at a time when first time hobby farmer types actually made things rather than just going to the wholesaler and buy absolutely everything or where it cannot be bought get the man in.

    Also, we like the careful simplicity without the mention of organics or welfare – it was a time when animals were er looked after like the family.

    So a small investment if you are in say the Huon Valley or Southern Highland of NSW or the Queensland tablelands – get to it!

    For all those pig lover out there


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  • Headhunters of the Coral Sea – Ion Idriess – 1955

    Headhunters of the Coral Sea – Ion Idriess – 1955

    Idriess scarcity a tale for the young or the “young at heart”. Based on the true story of two young lads captured in the Coral Sea and their subsequent adventures. Based around the shipwreck of the Charles Eaton.

    This is the new edition of 1955. Published by Angus and Robertson, octavo 207 pages, plus a list of the passengers and crew of the Charles Eaton and a chart of the cruise of the Isabella rescue ship. Within the text a chart of the Coral Sea – where the boys were wrecked.

    Idriess – stories based on truth always have a special interest


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  • Man Tracks – With the Mounted Police in the Australian Wilds – Ion Idriess – 1935

    Man Tracks – With the Mounted Police in the Australian Wilds – Ion Idriess – 1935

    Published by Angus & Robertson 1935, a fifth edition same year as the first.

    Octavo, 330 pages, illustrations from authors and contemporary photographs. Without dust jacket – red cloth covered boards clean – a better than good overall copy. End paper maps.

    An impressive Idriess book about the Australian mounted Police up through the Red Centre, the North and North West. Many lively accounts recounted in the normal Idriess way. The photography in this book is special with a number of unique aboriginal images.

    Real Crime solved by Police on Horseback


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  • Biggles in The Cruise of the Condor – Capt. W.E. Johns

    Biggles in The Cruise of the Condor – Capt. W.E. Johns

    The Cruise of the Condor was one of the first Biggles in the 1930’s. This edition by Thames mid 1950’s.

    Octavo, 247 pages (a lengthy Biggles) in very good condition in a nice dust jacket albeit with a chip to bottom front.

    Biggles and his cohorts use an amphibious aircraft in Brazil seeking treasure and danger – a normal day for Biggles.

    Biggles in Brazil – exciting adventures


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  • The Great Trek [The Expedition of the Jardine Brothers in Far North Queensland] – Ion Idriess – 1947 Edition

    The Great Trek [The Expedition of the Jardine Brothers in Far North Queensland] – Ion Idriess – 1947 Edition

    This is Ion idriess’s adaption of the incredible exploratory journey of the Jardine Brothers from Rockhampton all the way up to Somerset at the very tip of Cape York. They drove cattle all the way – their father already there by more comfortable means – he must have been a pretty confident parent. They had help of course but it was their termination that drove the party through – they didn’t all make it – it was pretty hostile on the way.

    Printed on “war paper” so has the characteristic even toning of the pages, a pity because its otherwise clean inside. The dust jacket a trifle worn – pretty good really and truly scarce.

    Published by Angus and Robertson. Octavo, 222 pages, illustrated frontispiece of an attack on the party.

    Idriess on the Jardines – a rare one.


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