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  • To Greenland’s Icy Mountains  – Eve Garnett – First Edition 1968

    To Greenland’s Icy Mountains – Eve Garnett – First Edition 1968

    A semi fictionalised account of Hans Egede, Explorer and Missionary who in the early 18thC went in search of the descendants of 10thC Christians who went to the West Coast of Greenland.

    Egede was in Greenland between 1797-1718. The author makes Egede’s story come alive as if it was yesterday.

    Published by Heinemann, London in 1968, a first edition. Octavo, 190 pages, well illustrated with frontispiece portrait, sketches by the author and images from appropriate photographs, maps and charts. Good condition albeit front free end paper excised.

    Inspirational Greenland Story


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  • The North East [Tasmania] – Owen Reid

    The North East [Tasmania] – Owen Reid

    A scarce illustrated history of the North east of Tasmania produced under the auspices of the Education Department in 1977.

    Staple bound, large size, card covered, 62 pages with 52 illustrations taken from period photographs … including Bert Hinkler with his aircraft (after his solo England – Australia flight) at Scottsdale and an image of the grandest tree you will ever see. Timber, Mining and the Railways feature well.

    Divided into almost equal parts – early Days and then St Helen’s and the Fingal Valley.

    The Tasmanian North East – a rich history not to be missed – super illustrations


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  • Three 19thC Prepared Microscope Slides of Australian Diatomaceae by J.D. Moller

    Three 19thC Prepared Microscope Slides of Australian Diatomaceae by J.D. Moller

    Three fascinating early microscope slides by preparer Johann Diedrich Moller (1844-1907). The most talented and famous preparer of diatom slides of all time.

    Three slides carrying a relatively early version of his distinctive slide labels.

    His makers label announcing – Gold Medal St Petersburg & Altona 1869 J.D. Moller Wedel in Holstein [Germany].

    The slide subjects being Diatomaceae and further labelled.

    Fossils – South Australia
    Fossils – South Yarra
    Aqua Marina – Carpentaria Gulf Australia.

    Fine examples of historical significance, likely harvested during one of the scientific and surveying voyages of the second half of the 19thC.

    Price $190.00 the group – if you would like an individual one they will be $80.00 each. Send us a message through our enquiry page.

    Postage costs likely to be reduced on final billing.

    A trifecta of rather unique 19thC slides top maker and Australian subjects.


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  • Manuscript Pharmacy Dispensing Journal – Hobart 1929-1931

    Manuscript Pharmacy Dispensing Journal – Hobart 1929-1931

    Large cloth backed ledger recording the precise details of prescriptions diligently recorded against each patients name and cross referenced to a list of individuals at the front. 502 pages of prescriptions and the many receivers listed in an alphabetical construction as the front. Nice condition- entries in a strong legible hand.

    42cm tall by 18cm and 5cm thick a fair weight so not suitable for Overseas. Red leather title label.. some scribbled names which do not seem to correlate with the J.R.R. and M.B and A.E.G. of the dispensing chemists.

    The date range 1929 etc is right on the bell for the discovering of penicillin … antibiotics in the broader structure coming much later. So here we still have a host of syrups and powders and the Elixir Simplex … and chloroform (for personal use?) and a grand mixture of lead and opioid products.

    Interesting Pharmaceutical Record approaching 100 years.


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  • Reach for the Sky [Douglas Bader]- Paul Brickhill – 1955

    Reach for the Sky [Douglas Bader]- Paul Brickhill – 1955

    This is a very good copy of the Readers Book Club of Melbourne version, no date but 1955. In itself quite a scarce edition. Octavo, 351 pages, illustrated from period photographs, very good condition.

    Douglas Bader will require no introduction to the oldest generation. Those too young to be informed should read this book .. was there ever anyone with more courage. Brickhill’s biography is regarded as something special for its depth and generosity.

    Made into a classic movie perhaps Kenneth Moore’s best portrayal.

    Bader was heard to say, after it was all over and he could spend more time on the gold course, …” A chap is not a chap if he can’t be bothered to shave in the morning” …. Classic stuff!

    Bandits coming out of the sun …11 o’clock.



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  • A Tour of Old Tasmania – Tatlow, Wooley and Mercer

    A Tour of Old Tasmania – Tatlow, Wooley and Mercer

    This tour guide is not dated and what would you expect from the three rogues Tatlow, Wooley and Mercer.

    Self published in 2008. Softcover, 232 pages, extensively illustrated. Ownership signature at front, otherwise a very good copy.

    The three claim the book to be “Your official guide and ripper true tales of the past” … Overseas buyers to translate “ripper” to can’t be beaten etc.

    We have a map near the front that plots the referenced route – all tow thousand plus kilometres of it – often to out of the way off the beaten track places.

    Really a special guide all the more readable because of the muted eccentricity of the writers – true Tasmanian boys.

    A Tasmanian guide book to start and finish with.


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