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  • The Natural History of Stuck-Up People – Albert Smith – 1847

    A fourth edition and scarce regardless. Published by David Bogue, London.

    Even more scarce in its original form with delicate printed wrappers, albeit a little dusty and chipped. Small octavo, 116 pages with preliminaries and after catalogue.

    Illustrated by A Henning. A hilarious put- down of Stuck-up people. Could still be well applied, approaching two hundred years later.

    Takes us through the life and goings on of the rather stuck-up Lacquer family headed up by the well heeled Spangle Lacquer Esq.

    “These good people partake much of the nature of mushrooms insomuch they haven’t only sprung up with great rapidity to their present elevation, but have also risen from mould of questionable delicacy”

    Very useful early Victorian put-down of the stuck-up variety



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  • The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont – 30 Years amongst the Australian Aborigines – By Himslef – First edition 1899

    The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont – 30 Years amongst the Australian Aborigines – By Himslef – First edition 1899

    Published by George Newnes, London a first edition 1899.

    Octavo, 396 pages with 46 illustrations. Unusual decorative covers with our hero author, in battle with bow and arrow, on stilts! Some age, still a very good copy.

    This book caused an absolute stir in Australia. The Author, real name Henri Louis Grin, claimed to have been shipwrecked and lived among the aborigines in Australia for 30 years where he claimed to have met Ludwig Leichhardt’s daughter. Also, some time in Papua New Guinea with pearls and gold. Told by himself! Seemingly, gave presentations to the Royal Geographical Society before exposed as a fraudster

    Strange adventure in Australia


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  • Ocean Passages For The World – 1973 Complete

    Ocean Passages For The World – 1973 Complete

    A fine copy of the third edition prepared by Commander H.L. Jenkins of the Royal Navy and published by The Hydrographic Department, Taunton, England. A Preface by Rear Admiral Hall.

    This essential reference was first published in 1895, then 1923, 1950 and then this edition 1973. Revised and modernised each time.

    Slipcase with folio volume plus wallet containing the numerous large folding charts. Folio volume bound in blue cloth covered boards, gilt titles 258 pages with 25 charts and diagrams some coloured and folding. The work is divided into two principal sections … Part I – Power Vessel Routes; Part II – Sailing Vessel Routes. Also, the 1977 Supplement of 11 pages, with additions, corrections and other changes. Very good condition.

    The wallet contains seven large (a metre or so wide) charts and a viz .. World Climatic Charts (January and July); World Main Ocean Routes for Power Vessels; World Sailing Ships Routes; Tracks Followed by Sailing and Auxiliary Powered Vessels and World Surface Currents .. and D6083 Loan Line Rules etc. Also a ready reckoner … Logarithmic speed, time and distance scale.

    Ocean Passages – All You Need to Know – Complete and Fine



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  • Innocent Aboard – Chay and Maureen Blyth – First Edition 1970

    Innocent Aboard – Chay and Maureen Blyth – First Edition 1970

    First edition published by the Nautical Publishing Company 1970. Octavo, 196 pages all in very good condition.

    Chay Blyth’s first serious sailing expedition, setting off from England he was soon lost … and then got his bearings and sea legs. On south he sailed. Through the Canaries, Cape Verde Islands and to the far south and Tristan da Cunha before South Africa.

    His boat was a small family cruiser, so his aspiration to cross and make the Horn had to be curtailed. Confident, he cabled his wife to join him for the return voyage … which she did.

    His story won over Sir Alec Rose who provided a very supportive foreword.

    Chay Blyth – first voyage and quite an adventure


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  • A White Boat from England – George Millar 1951

    A White Boat from England – George Millar 1951

    A first edition published by Heinemann, London in 1951. Octavo, 308 pages nicely illustrated and with several maps.

    George Millar had already sailed the Mediterranean in the thirty-ton ketch Truant. Here in a new vessel, a sixteen-ton sloop Serica they take a leisurely sail down and around the coast of Portugal and Spain.

    What might seem like an easy passage turns into a challenge; a near miss and then run down by a fishing boat. Later illness and injury puts them in danger, before coming across Riviera smugglers and the opportunity to save another man’s life of Cap Ferrat.

    It’s not all easy going in the Mediterranean … but there are some luxuries for sure.


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  • Deshasheh – Flinders Petrie – 1889

    Deshasheh – Flinders Petrie – 1889

    The Fifteenth Memoir of The Egypt Exploration Fund.

    Small folio hardback published by order of the Committee and sold by them at Great Russell Street and Kegan Paul and Quaritch.

    Large quarto, 51 pages plus 37 pages of plates a few of which are folding. Very good condition. A heavy item that may require an Overseas postage supplement.

    The great Flinders Petrie by this time has spent many years in Egypt, accomplished many great find and produced numerous memoirs in this form. The work here he describes as more varied than usual, and has fulfilled more the character of exploration than in previous years. One of the least known parts of Egypt, the western side form Faynum to Minieh, was completely traversed and examined; and two site within that area excavated.

    We explore the Cemetery of Deshasheh and the Tomb of Anta, the Tomb of Shedu, the Tombs of Nenkheftka and Son.

    The drawings and photographs of the findings are simply superb as usual.

    Flinders Petrie – Egyptology – Highest Standard


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