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  • Hafed – Prince of Persia – Duguid and Nisbet

    Hafed – Prince of Persia – Duguid and Nisbet

    A sixth edition published in London by Foulsham and Glasgow by Nisbet in 1923. Original green cloth binding, a substantial book of 579 pages, a clean copy with a religious picture pasted in at the rear and with manuscript reference notes to the text inside back cover. A very good copy.

    The lengthy title page explains … His Experiences in Earth-Life and Spirit-Life being Spirit Communications received through Mr David Duguid, the Glasgow Trance Painting Medium, with an Appendix, containing Communications from Spirit Artists, Ruisadal and Steen. Illustrated by fac-similes of various Drawings and Writings the Direct Work of the Spirits

    Originally published in 1876, taken down in notes by the publisher Hay Nisbet, and representing Duguid’s famous guide “Hafed”. Dictated in 46 sittings between 1870 and 1871. The climax of his story was reached when he revealed that he conducted the expedition of the Three Wise Men to Judea to the cradle of Jesus. He was summoned by his guardian spirit to go on the journey with two brother magi and take rich gifts to the babe. He described the youthful years of Jesus that are not chronicled in the Gospels. According to his story, he travelled with Jesus in Persia, India, and many other countries and marvelled at the miracles the young child performed. After the martyrdom of Jesus he became a Christian himself, met Paul in Athens, preached the gospel in Venice and Alexandria, and finally perished at age 100 in the arena at Rome.

    Hafed Travelled with Jesus and told Duguid


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  • The Problems of Psychical Research – Hereward Carrington – 1914

    The Problems of Psychical Research – Hereward Carrington – 1914

    A first edition 1914 Carrington with a number of book of a spiritual kind here offers “Experiments and Theories in the Realm of the Supernormal”.

    A superb volume with intense detail … Life and its interpretation; hallucination and the physical phenomena of spiritualism; the problems of telepathy; Psychic experiences … Spirits or teleological automatisms, spontaneous physical phenomena, a modern poltergeist. Also witchcraft and scientific truths in fairy stories.

    Very good condition except for pages 196/7 which have suffered from having something inserted which when removed has left remnant and worn pages … all text readable … and a hard to find relevant book. Priced accordingly.

    Comprehensive and provoking


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  • Spiritualism – The Report of the Seybert Commission

    Spiritualism – The Report of the Seybert Commission

    Henry Seybert was an enthusiastic believer in Modern Spiritualism. On his death he left money to the cause and one consequence was the appointment of a Commission to investigate and report on certain elements.

    The results were published in the 1880’s and again here in this edition of 1920 which includes the introduction of Furness. The report contains full detail (transcriptions) of many live tests they observed and a review of Spiritual Photography; Mediumistic Development; Sealed Letters; Materialization etc. We are particularly intrigued by the experiments on “Slate Writing”.

    Seybert’s Report – Did He Read It?


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  • Spiritism Unveiled – Lanslots – 1913

    Spiritism Unveiled – Lanslots – 1913

    A First edition of an extremely rare book published by Sands, London, 1913. Original blue cloth, 216 pages, title etc. lettered in white. Browned internally and the spine cloth worn at the edges, otherwise tightly bound and excusable for those desiring this rarity

    An unusual work by Lanslots who was Prefect-Apostolic of Northern Transvaal (South Africa). The book contains a number of records of Spiritualist phenomena, examining both what the spiritualists and the spirits themselves, are supposed to have said about their activities. He concludes that, once one has accounted for ignorance and deliberate fraud, there is still firm evidence that humans can communicate with other worldy spirits, but that in the case of those purposefully invoked through Spiritualist means, these are invariably evil.

    Lanslots work puts Spirits beyond doubt


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  • Spiritualism –  Its History Phenomena and Doctrine – by Arthur Hill introduced  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – 1918

    Spiritualism – Its History Phenomena and Doctrine – by Arthur Hill introduced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – 1918

    A first edition published Cassell, London 1918. Original cloth binding 270 pages … pretty good copy of a rare book … superb content.

    Conan Doyle’s introduction is very pointed. Hill, an authority sets out his history beginning (as you would) with the Antecedents – the Moral Revolt against Hell etc.; Swedenborg (born 1688) .. a Prophet? And his confluence with Mesmerism in America; cases such as the Fox family of Hydesville (the knockings); William Moses; the Society for Psychical Research; Ghosts; India and a comprehensive view of the Religious Aspect and Criticisms. A useful glossary.

    Informative view … Conan Doyle considers


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  • The Identity of Captain Cook’s Kangaroo – Morrison-Scott & Sawyer – British Museum -1950

    The Identity of Captain Cook’s Kangaroo – Morrison-Scott & Sawyer – British Museum -1950

    Card cover Bulletin Volume 1 No 3 from the British Museum … brief 10 pages in total … nice images.

    Captain Cook took back three kangaroo specimens all from the Endeavour River. The skull of one was in the Royal College of Surgeons, London until it was destroyed by a bomb in WWII. The only figure of original material is the plate in Hawkesworth, this was later copied even though it is a poor depiction (it was a skin after all). Then there is the painting of a skull by Nathaniel Dunce most likely one of Cook’s. And then a photograph (reproduced here) of the R.C.S. bombed skull.

    Unusual kangaroos certified


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