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  • Queensland – Pugh’s Almanac -1882 – Very rare

    Queensland – Pugh’s Almanac -1882 – Very rare

    The essential publication of the day … Pugh’s Almanac, Law Calendar, Directory, Coast Guide and Gazetteer for 1882

    256 pages followed by 96 pages of business advertisements to the rear and more at the front and the odd one inserted.

    Carries the bookplate of Alan McKiness who was perhaps the greatest ever collector of all things Queensland on paper. Now protected in a sturdy red cloth covered solander case with label to spine. The almanac is in pretty good condition excepting one page which has an ugly stain though not leaked to adjoining.

    Always difficult to give justice to these incredible almanacs which contain so much information that to read from cover to cover would occupy the year. Essential information matted with trivia which we find amusing e.g. on the 11th December 1880 … a Fracas between the editor of Punch J.E. Byrne and F Swanwick MLA in Queen Street. More seriously many fires appear to be reported and a 40 oz gold nugget found at Clermont trumped by a 70 oz nugget found at Nebo. Knighthoods were reported to have been retained (Nothing changes really). Section on Statistics includes livestock analysis by District; Sailing Directions comprehensive and a good chapter on “Progress in the Colony”. As you can imagine near 100 pages of period advertisements make good reading for those that are interested in the history of business in Queensland.

    A good Almanac nicely cased – 1882


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  • Unique Naval Item – Manuscript Letter of 1820 from Captain Henry Duncan (Son of Admiral Lord Duncan) on the Royal George to Viscount Melville (First Lord of the Admiralty) applying for the Royal Yacht

    Unique Naval Item – Manuscript Letter of 1820 from Captain Henry Duncan (Son of Admiral Lord Duncan) on the Royal George to Viscount Melville (First Lord of the Admiralty) applying for the Royal Yacht

    Two pages then folded in three marked for despatch
    Captain H Duncan
    12 Dec 1820
    Royal George

    Addressed at the foot of page 1 … The Viscount Melville …….
    Dover December 12 1820
    My Lord
    Under an idea that the King nominates the Captain to command his Yacht and having in remembrance the very great condescension of His Majesty to me, when I had the honour of being attached to the Royal Squadron, I feel that if no one above me in the list was preferred, His Majesty might probably be pleased not to pass me over were my name brought before him – but I should not attempt to have this done except thro (ugh) the first Lord of the Admiralty. I have no claims of my own to advance. I trust I have done my duty when occasion has offered, more I do not pretend to, but I hope I may not be deemed presumptuous in supposing that if the King has any of those feelings towards me which he formerly graciously expressed, I shall not stand the less high in His Majesty’s favour because I am the son of Lord Duncan, and I further myself that your Lordship may think this a reason to entitle me to your favourable recommendation –
    I have the honour to be your Lordships Most Obedient
    Henry Duncan
    Melville’s reply is written clearly overlaid on the second page at right angles to the underlying content
    “I received your letter applying for the vacant yacht and you will learn that the officer I have selected for recommendation to the Yacht is one much senior to yourself”


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  • The Cruise of the Marchesa – Guillemard (engravings by Whymper) -1889

    The Cruise of the Marchesa – Guillemard (engravings by Whymper) -1889

    Published by John Murray, London 1889.

    The magnificent account of the voyage of the schooner yacht Marchesa from Cowes on the Isle of Wight in 1881 first to Ceylon, then via Singapore to Formosa and the Liu-Kiu islands to Japan. She left Yokohama for Kamschatka returning three months later, thence to China and Hong Kong at the end of March 1883 from where the Sulu islands were explored and then the Celebes and on to New Guinea.

    Many maps and special Whymper illustrations. One of the most interesting Victorian travel accounts. Very good condition.

    Superb voyage and natural history account


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  • Fatal Voyage – The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis – Dan Kurzman

    Fatal Voyage – The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis – Dan Kurzman

    Publsihed by Atheneum, New York 1990 a first edition in very good condition.

    The USS Indianapolis delivered vital components of the A Bomb to Tinian Island in the Western Pacific. Job done they headed away only to be sunk by a Japanese submarine. Hell ensued for the survivors who dwindled from 1200 to just over 300 by the time help came.

    It was a top level disaster as it was a long time before US Chiefs realised the sinking had happened. The Captain got the blame a scapegoat and was brought to trail – the Japanese submarine commander was called as a witness.

    Greatest US Loss in WWII


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  • Antarctica Observed – A.G.E. Jones

    Antarctica Observed – A.G.E. Jones

    Published by Caedmon of Whitby in 1982 a very fine copy.

    The author Jones published this book in Whitby – he was an Antarctic expert of note. His mission here was to draw a proper conclusion as to who saw the Antarctic first – through thorough research of original logs and diaries and carefully re-plotting the tracks of Cook, Bellingshausen, Smith and Bransfield, Palmer etc all likely candidates. His conclusions are … in the book.

    Special Antarctica by an expert


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  • Captain James Cook and His Times – Fisher and Johnston

    Captain James Cook and His Times – Fisher and Johnston

    Published by ANU Press canberta in 1979 a very good near fine copy in a fine dust jacket.

    Cook from a different perspective and well researched and worthwhile. Interplay with Dalrymple, the geography of Northwest America, the Spanish reaction to his endeavours and his reputation in Russia .. and much more.

    Another view of Cook and a good one


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