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  • Shores of Macquarie Island – Isobel Bennett – 1971

    Shores of Macquarie Island – Isobel Bennett – 1971

    A first edition of this interesting book on Antarctic Macquarie Island and its nature.

    Published by Rigby, Adelaide in 1971. Octavo, 69 pages plus useful bibliography and index. Nicely illustrated from photographs taken by the author. Very good. Another copy we like this book.

    Isobel Bennett was born in Brisbane and took an interest in Marine Biology at an early age. In her era one of the first females to be accepted into the Australian Antarctic program and onto Macquarie Island.

    A good “history of the island” is followed by a very readable sections on the role of the scientists, and the inhabitants and visitors to the island.

    A very good introduction and background to this lonely outpost.


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  • Antarctica – Key Reference to Antarctic Literature – Renard – 1994

    Antarctica – Key Reference to Antarctic Literature – Renard – 1994

    The mammoth and quality Antarctica sale of Gaston Renard, through Leonard Joel in 1994 made the associated catalogue a principal reference for Antarctic narratives. Catalogued by Julien Renard who acknowledges the substantial assistance of Mileva Ilic and of his wife Pam and of Thelma Finn.

    The descriptions are full and where unique because of ownership, annotation etc they make for interesting reading in themselves. For those that collect and use Spence etc this is an essential addition and will be often off the shelf as scarce items raise their heads.

    Quarto, soft covers, 244 pages cataloguing 1,744 items followed by a useful “Reference List” and preceded by a useful bibliophilic “Explanatory Note”. Carries master collector Rodney Davidson’s bookplate … a little wave to front cover perhaps as a result.

    Renard first place of reference anything Antarctic of worth.


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  • Australian Shipwrecks – Volume 2 (1851-1871) – Jack Loney

    Australian Shipwrecks – Volume 2 (1851-1871) – Jack Loney

    A first edition published by Reed, Sydney in 1980. Small quarto, 239 pages all in very good condition with a very good to better dust jacket. A few illustrations from period engravings and early photographs.

    Jack Loney’s excellent work on shipwrecks representing part of the Australian Shipwrecks series started by Bateson.

    An essential edition for those interested in wrecks. Follows the usual format with notes on sources followed by a chronology and notes on ships and their wrecking. Index of ships at the end.

    Essential Australian Wreck Book


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  • Joseph Conrad and the Barque Otago – Sir William Crowther – 1975

    Joseph Conrad and the Barque Otago – Sir William Crowther – 1975

    Bound notes by Sir William Crowther for the handing over of the restored companionway superstructure to the officers’ cuddy from the Otago [Joseph Conrad’s ship].

    Very few would have been produced so a scarce as it is brief. Quarto in size, bound nicely in blue cloth covered boards with gilt titles. Original photograph of the glorious companionway affixed to front paste down. Title, Preface and five pages typescript one side only. Dated 21st March 1975, fine condition. Our image of the blue covers looks a little drab … that’s just our scanner …

    The work represents a brief summary of association of the great writer Joseph Conrad, then Captain Conrad with the barque Otago. The State Library had acquired the structure recovered by Crowther, a great bibliophile and collector, a number of years earlier at Risden, Hobart when the boat was finally broken up. It lay in Crowther’s back garden for many years before being restored by Philip Fowler.

    Whilst brief the article gives a nice potted history of Conrad’s early days and how he came to be in charge of the Otago. His novel The Shadow Line, from which Crowther quotes was written about his voyage to Singapore to pick up the Otago.

    Sir William Crowther should not be confused with his Grandfather of the same name who committed some rather nasty acts regarding the bodies of aboriginal people. This Crowther whilst still perhaps confused by the right and wrong at least gave up the family collection of indigenous relics to the Museum and these have since been given some final respect.

    Regarding this item .. well a unique work in the Conrad genre.


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  • Wrecks on King Island – Jack Loney

    Wrecks on King Island – Jack Loney

    From wreck master Jack Loney. Focused on the wrecks of King Island bang in the middle of the Bass Strait … there were plenty of them.

    Originally published in 1979 this is a fine copy of the reissue dated 1995, by Marine History, Portarlington, Victoria … effectively self published this was Jack Loney’s address. Decorated soft covers, 52 pages, illustrated.

    Beautiful, wind blown King Island known now for its world best dairy products, giant crabs and challenging golf course. In the early days a haven for whalers, sealers and convicts on the run.

    Presented as a chronology from 1801 to 1994 with enough detail to provide a good education on the subject and an excellent starting point for the more detailed investigator.

    If its Loney its Shipwrecks and where are they plentiful – King Island.


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  • Lightship –  Archie Binns – 1934 First Edition

    Lightship – Archie Binns – 1934 First Edition

    First Edition published by Reynal and Hitchcock (part of the Burt publishing empire), New York in 1934. A super example. Large octavo, 345 pages, blue cloth covered boards, top edge stained blue as required. Striking art deco style dust jacket in really good condition. Very clean inside … would make a great gift.

    A very unusual novel centred on the lives of nine men who are the crew of a lightship. The crest and troughs of emotion are mimicked by the Ocean which provides a dramatic ending

    One of a kind novel from the 1930’s


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