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  • Mercator’s World – Anson’s Voyage

    Mercator’s World – Anson’s Voyage

    Volume 3 No 6 of Mercator’s World published in 1998.

    Our favourite features is “Victory at Sea – How George Anson Became Leader of the British Navy”. Having said that, we do not like the title as he became the “Father” of the Royal Navy for many reasons, albeit including the incredible circumnavigation and stealing of the Spanish gold, the story of this feature.

    An eight page article nicely illustrated, mostly from images and maps out of the official account. The charming engraving “England’s glory. Wagons heading into the Tower of London with the Spanish treasure” is a very rare engraving the originator unknown.

    Provides fresh insight into the voyage particularly as you would expect concerning the charts and the route taken and the mistakes made and bad luck encountered. It is a lesson in the difficulties had before the problem of the longitude was solved by Harrison’s chronometer.

    Other articles include quite a bit on underwater surveying … Davy Jones Locker etc and Portlan reflection a good one on early sea charts.

    Mercator’s ideas and views on the Anson Voyage.


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  • The Cruise of Her Majesty’s Ship “Challenger” – William J.J. Spry – 1877

    The Cruise of Her Majesty’s Ship “Challenger” – William J.J. Spry – 1877

    An 1877 second edition of William James Joseph Spry’s book about the Challenger Expedition, the most important and certainly largest 19th Century Scientific Expedition.

    Published by Sampson Low etc London. This is the larger format of the work. Octavo, 388 pages with 46 black and white illustrations and large folding chart showing the track and activities of H.M.S. Challenger. Original binding in good condition, albeit an inoffensive ink mark to the front edge, gilt design to front , and titles design to spine bright and fresh. A very good copy of this desirable work.

    Written as a journal, it reads very well. We progress from England to Lisbon and Gibraltar and on to the Canary Islands. Across to the West indies, then on to the Azores and south to St Paul’s Rock, Tristan d’Acuhna and the Cape. Then south towards the Antarctic Circle and the Crozet, Kerguelen and Heard Islands and some tricky manoeuvring when in among the icebergs with storms around. To Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand. Out into the Pacific to Fiji, New Hebrides and back to Cape York and through to the Moluccas. Up to Japan and eventually back east across the Pacific round the Horn and home. Dredging and measuring all the way in a manner never repeated .. but with plenty of interesting remarks about the land and the people along the way.

    Challenger gave its name to the deepest Ocean and the best means of space travel.


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  • Mercator’s World – First Six Editions – 1996

    Mercator’s World – First Six Editions – 1996

    The very first group from Vol 1 No 1 to Vol1 No 6 published in 1996 published bimonthly by Astor Publishing by Edward Astor at Astor Publishing. Very good condition.

    With an Editorial and Advisory Board to die for including, Robert Clancy, David Woodward and Peter Van Der Kroot.

    Each edition approximately 100 pages, heavily illustrated mostly in colour. Content extremely well researched and presented.

    By example, the first edition includes … Mythical Seas; Carto controversy; the mapmaker as artist; the Line that Divided the World; the Captain Cook Legacy; the Brilliant Irascible Ferdinand Hassler … and in the second … Cartographic Thievery; Carto philately (love it); Charting Shipwrecks Down Under [New South wales]; the Island of California. Obviously much more.

    Mercator’s World – the important first group of six.


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  • The Discovery of Australia  – G. Arnold Wood – First Edition 1922

    The Discovery of Australia – G. Arnold Wood – First Edition 1922

    First edition of Arnold Wood’s broad and well researched book about the European discovery of Australia. Published by Macmillan, London in 1922.

    Despite the Cook frontispiece there is much about the pre-Cook era.

    Thick octavo, 541 page well illustrated and with folding map at rear. “Presentation Copy” blind stamp on title which might explain the rather drab blue cloth covered binding, with gilt title to spine which does not appear as a published standard. Binding a trifle rubbed up join, internally clean, still a good to better copy.

    Oxford educated Wood was offered and took up the Chair of History at Sydney University in 1891 and was still there at time of publishing this book.

    The contents commence with Ancient and Medieval conceptions of the Land of the South; the Indian Ocean in the 13thC; the successors of Marco Pol; Portuguese and Spanish; was Australia known in the 16thC; the discovery of the Solomons; the voyage of 1595; Quiros; Torres; the Dutch and Tasman in 1642 and 1644; Dampier and the Roebuck; the Precursors to Cook; the Endeavour Voyage and the discovery of Eastern Australia; Successors to Cook …

    One of our favourite “histories” with much on the early era accompanied by good illustrations many from rare early maps.


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  • The Life of Jean-Francois de La Perouse – Where Fate Beckons. – John Dunmore

    The Life of Jean-Francois de La Perouse – Where Fate Beckons. – John Dunmore

    First edition published by the ABC in2006. Large octavo, 292 pages, nicely illustrated . A quality production printed in heavy paper. A fine, as new copy.

    The book on La Perouse, John Dunmore being the recognised world authority. From his teenage life at war, the American War, issues in the Indian Ocean and the Great tragic Voyage and the mystery.

    La Perouse by Dunmore


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  • Voyages that Changed the World  – Peter Aughton

    Voyages that Changed the World – Peter Aughton

    A very good copy of the first hardback edition of Aughton’s interesting book.

    Published by Quercus, London, Small folio, 208 pages, decorated boards, heavily illustrated. Bookplate on front paste down.

    Comprehensive chronology starting with the Phoenicians and Polynesians; Saint Brendan’s miraculous voyage; Erik the Red and Leif Erikson in America well before Columbus; Madoc ab Owen Gwynedd’s voyage across the Atlantic … and some other obscure to Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Columbus, Cabot, Magellan, Drake, Tasman and the discovery of Tasmania, Roggeveen and Easter Island, Bougainville, Cook … Harrison and the Longitude .. right to the Polar expeditions and submarine activity. We like it

    Broadly based, informative and intriguing maritime ..


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