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  • The Fortunes of Fifi – Molly Elliot Seawell – First Edition 1903

    The Fortunes of Fifi – Molly Elliot Seawell – First Edition 1903

    A first edition published by Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis in 1903. Interestingly, carries the booksellers sticker of Dymock’s Book Arcae, 428 George Street. Dymocks, Australia’s favourite book store was started in 1879 but soon moved to the aforementioned address as the business took off.

    Fifi is a young actress in fourth rate theatre in Paris. Napoleon is involved in a minor way. She has confidantes and admirers and much love and lost love ensues. She turns out to be related to a certain person in very high place … things get rich and in a tangle which really she is not that thrilled with – eventually, she ends up with the one she should. Complex and intriguing romance. The outline is easily told … it became an early silent movie circa WW! And was very successful.

    Octavo, 239 pages, with decorative end papers that match the delightful pictorial covers. A very good copy.

    Classic Romance based in Paris, became one of the very first movies.


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  • The Short Stories of John Steinbeck – Steinbeck

    The Short Stories of John Steinbeck – Steinbeck

    A 1958 edition of Stenbeck’s collection of his very best short stories.

    Published by Heinemann, London, Octavo 568 pages in all. Very good condition bar the jacket spine is light faded as usual

    The jacket gives a clue … includes these delights … Tortilla Flat; Of Mice and Men; The Red Pony; The Moon is Down; Cannery Row and The Pearl.

    Steinbeck Feast – six of the best.


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  • The Quiet American – Graham Greene (Collected Edition)

    The Quiet American – Graham Greene (Collected Edition)

    Turned into a classic movie (how many of Greene’s novels have not been?), with Michael Caine, based in Indo-China a striking story of new and old world

    This is the “Collected Edition” a 1989 printing. Octavo, 211 pages to the novel but with the xxx page introduction by Greene that make this issue something extra.

    A couple of innocent chips to the jacket and a gift inscription on the front end paper, otherwise a very good copy of a surprisingly hard edition to find.

    Greene – One of his Best – With the Quiet American.


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  • Ayesha – The Return of the She – H. Rider Haggard – First Edition 1905

    Ayesha – The Return of the She – H. Rider Haggard – First Edition 1905

    A big call, but perhaps H Rider Haggard’s best book, a sequel to “She” the celebrated romance published 1887. Reads independently.

    First edition published Ward an Lock. London in 1905. A very good copy against others. Thick octavo, 284 pages with illustrations, frontispiece and 31 plates, by Maurice Greiffenhagen. Elaborate dark blue cloth covered binding with gilt titles to spine and front board with decorative gilt symbol and embossed green lines surrounding. Some foxing to page edges and the end papers, overall a very good copy.

    A gothic fantasy, like Star Wars it’s the last publsihed but the first novel in the Ayesha … Allan Quartermain series. It had been serialised in the Windsor Magazine such was the publishing fashion … HG Wells, Conan Doyle etc.

    Haggard links the name Ayesha to Muhammad’s wives and the Arabic name … pronounced Assha.

    A film was produced in 1935 title “She”.

    The novel is intrinsically set in Tibet although the back story in Egypt, Arabia .. CS Lewis channeled “She” when writing Jai into the sixth book of Narnia .. Freud and Jung reference the character… Tolkien admired and used elements … get the idea.

    Ayesha a classic the second time around.


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  • The Doomed Oasis (A Novel of Arabia) – Hammond Innes

    The Doomed Oasis (A Novel of Arabia) – Hammond Innes

    Hammond Innes a master of the thriller.

    First published 1960, this is the 1962 Readers Book Club edition which we prefer for its more evocative dust jacket.

    Octavo, 286 pages, very good condition.

    Set in Arabia a ex British Army Colonel has taken to Arab life. His son a wayward lad from Cardiff flees trouble to the same locale to be a geologist. Accused of murdering his father things get a bit hot under the Arabian Sun. Packed with action among the sand dunes.

    Hammond Innes and Adventure and Thrills in the Desert


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  • Fruit of the Poppy – Robert Wilder First Edition 1965

    Fruit of the Poppy – Robert Wilder First Edition 1965

    First edition of the upmarket version of Fruit of the Poppy by Robert Wilder, author of Flamingo Road etc.

    Published by Allen, London in 1965. Octavo, 267 pages. Very good condition albeit some dust jacket nicks to spine.

    An early war on drugs novel and more interesting for its serious approach to the story… no car chases or ambushes. Set in the Mexican valleys we have a proper novel in the style of Greene or Le Carre. Judge for yourself.

    Powerful 1960’s novel against the Mexican drug trade


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