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  • Full Moon – P.G. Wodehouse First Edition

    Full Moon – P.G. Wodehouse First Edition

    Wodehouse First Edition 1947. Octavo, 252 pages, orange cloth covered boards with black titling to spine and front. Minor dust jacket chip and colour loss to top front spine. Otherwise a very good copy, very clean inside.

    Blandings Castle and Gally (the Earl of Emsworth – Galahad) tries to marry off his daughter Veronica (the dumbest beauty listed in the pages of Debrett’s), with the usual hilarity …

    Wodehouse – First Edition


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  • Sarah Bernhardt – William Embodden (Introduction Sir John Gielgud)

    Sarah Bernhardt – William Embodden (Introduction Sir John Gielgud)

    A first edition published by Studio Vista (part of Cassell), London in 1974.

    Quarto, 176 pages, some signs of age still a very good copy of a excellent work on Bernhardt, not the least for the introduction by Sir John Gielgud.

    Nicely illustrated throughout from period photographs. Includes our image of Sarah as Frou-Frou.

    Accompanied by a useful appendix listing the plays in which she acted chronologically and a healthy bibliography.

    Sarah Bernhardt – well-presented and with exceptional images.


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  • My Cutey’s Due at Two- To-Two To-Day

    My Cutey’s Due at Two- To-Two To-Day

    Original music score of a “novelty fox-trot” published in 1926 by Bibo, Bloedon & Lang, New York. Written by Leo Robin and Albert Von Tilzer and recorded by Harold Oxley.

    With special arrangement for Ukulele by May Singhi Breen … known as “The Ukulele Lady”.

    Four pages of score for piano (and Ukulele) … the words are hilarious … our singer is certainly missing his Cutey!

    My Cutey’s due at Two-to-Two –
    She’s coming thru on a big choo choo
    She’s been away for months
    But I have-n’t cheated once
    Stay’d home nights didn’t dance
    Was-n’t taking any chance
    Did-n’t flirt and tho’it hurt
    I just couldn’t do my Cutey dirt.

    Very thoughtful …. do-n’t forget the Bon Bons

    My Cutey’s Due – sing in the key of Bertie Wooster!


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  • French Thetrical Legend – Sarah Bernhardt – Signed Manuscript Letter 1887, Photographic Portrait and Ephemera

    French Thetrical Legend – Sarah Bernhardt – Signed Manuscript Letter 1887, Photographic Portrait and Ephemera

    Likely the 19th Century’s greatest actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). A fine hand with bold signature dated 1887. Her personal grey bordered stationery with the Quand Meme motif.

    She addresses “Mon Cher Paul” mentions her pretty niece and trying to arrange a suitable time to catch up.

    The letter is accompanied by a photographic portrait of Bernhardt, a cabinet card depicting the legend in Camille by Dumas which she performed in 1882. 16cm by 11cm mounted on original card minor edge chips, plain back.

    Also relating to her tour of America (see below) two “Between the Acts & Bravo” cigarette cards, also from the 1880’s, issued by Thomas Hall, New York. 7.5cm by 4cm each, very good condition.

    1887 was an interesting time for the “Divine Sarah”. She was well established by this time but had

    developed an extremely lavish lifestyle and had a gambler for a son that she supported financially. Already accustomed to touring a mammoth tour of South and North America was organised by her manager Edouard Jarett. It was hugely successful an she returned to Paris the year of this letter with a million francs. Unfortunately, her manager died of a heart attack on the tour … it didn’t stop Sarah indulging in some of her favourite pastimes … such as collecting exotic animals. She brought back an alligator that seemingly was partial to champagne. Among her other strange activities was sleeping in a coffin when trying to get into character for rather dowdy parts.

    Sarah Bernhardt – Signed manuscript Letter – 1887 – with Cabinet Card from that period.


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  • Arthur Conan Doyle Manuscript Letter 1902

    Arthur Conan Doyle Manuscript Letter 1902

    Legendary writer, creator of Sherlock Holmes and man of many talents Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) … he was knighted the year of this letter.

    A strong hand in black ink on watermarked paper headed Undershaw, Hindhead, Haslemere (in Surrey). Doyle had built Undershaw in 1897 a magnificent property, the layout of which was designed to assist his wife who was already very ill at the time. He remained there until 1907 the year after her death. Visitors at Undershaw included Virginia Woolf, Bram Stoker and J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan was written in Play form in 1904)

    Undershaw was the place he wrote The Hounds of the Baskervilles which had been serialised and published the year before this letter, the last instalment being published in the prior month … the letter dated 28 V / 1902 in Doyle’s distinctive style.

    A polite note of apology the letter reads …

    “Dear Mr Crookenden … I returned last night from the Continent to find your interesting letter and enclosure awaiting me – by an error I had omitted to leave forwarding instructions at the club (the Athenaeum) and beg you to accept my apology for delay in answer. Very many thanks. Yours faithfully A. Conan Doyle” … with his distinctive device below

    Mr Crookenden surely Isaac Adolphus Crookenden who carried the name of his grandfather a great writer of Gothic Tales much admired my Doyle. In turn this Crookenden was the maternal grandfather of Lawrence (Larry) Olivier.

    A simple letter but nicely written with a bold signature on the letterhead of his grand country home where he had just completed “The Hounds”; addressed to an interesting character with an intriguing family background.

    Arthur Conan Doyle – Signed manuscript Letter



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  • The Small Bachelor – P.G. Wodehouse – New Edition 1970 – Fine Copy

    The Small Bachelor – P.G. Wodehouse – New Edition 1970 – Fine Copy

    This is an old one, first published in 1927. This is the first printing of a new issue by Barrie & Jenkins, London in 1970. Octavo, 204 pages, a very good copy in a complete dust jacket

    Complex Wodehouse carry-on. George Finch artist who desires New York socialite Molly Wellington, cannot paint .. a hopeless artists. Her mother prefers the advances of Lord Hunstanton. Many characters contribute to George’s success or lack of … including a poetic policeman, an ex-convict valet, a fortune teller, Fanny the pickpocket etc.

    Read carefully or your laughing will cause injury!


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