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  • The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway – 1967 Edition

    The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway – 1967 Edition

    Should be everyone’s favourite short read. Nobel citation – “his powerful style-forming mastery of the art of modern narration, as most lately revealed in his novel The Old Man and the Sea”.

    A later edition published by Jonathan Cape in 1967.

    Octavo, 127 pages. With the colourful wrap around jacket by Hans Tisdall. The jacket in very good condition bar a nibble on the back leading fold. The pages are pretty clean, generally a very good copy.

    Much debate among critics regarding this book … the anti-Hemingway brigade miss the point by a nautical mile. No better metaphor for Hemingway’s life than these words. Could the ending be more poignant?

    Hans Tisdall was the designer of the Hemingway Cape dust jackets. You can see why we like them at Voyager … they have Universal attraction. Tisdall (1910-1971) born in Germany was originally a textile designer and made his name at Edinburgh Weavers. Later in life he won awards for the design of the entryway to the Battersea Fun Park and was commissioned to produce dust jacket artwork for which he designed these distinctive brushstroke cursive fonts. Michael Harvey subsequently produced a new typeface base on this style named Tisdall Script.

    Nobel Classic – Ernest Hemingway


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  • The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – Trans Edward Fitzgerald

    The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – Trans Edward Fitzgerald

    A Folio Society production from 1970. Their usual lavish production works well in this case – we are not always a fan.

    Edward Fitzgerald had a couple of goes at translating The Rubaiyat – this is his first and best we think.

    Tall octavo, unpaginated, 75 verses after introductions and a page of helpful notes at the end. Nicely, artistically, illustrated by Virgil Burnett. Decorative end paper, gilt and silvered ornate pattern over red cloth covered boards, gold paper covered custom slipcase.

    A nice and attractive Rubaiyat that would make a super gift.


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  • The Train – George Simenon – First UK edition 1964

    The Train – George Simenon – First UK edition 1964

    Published by Hamish Hamilton in 1964 translated from the French of 1961.

    A different sort of novel by George Simenon from those familiar with Inspector Maigret. And an especially collectable first edition.

    It is 1940 and the German army is on the move in Europe. There is a stampede for trains to escape and no less so than from Fumay. In the chaos Marcel gets separated from his wife and children. He meets Anna and a strange relationship ensues. Finally at the evacuee camp at La Rochelle decision time has arrived.

    Simenon and an very moving story on The Train


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  • In the Great White Land (A Tale of the Antarctic Ocean) – Gordan Stables

    In the Great White Land (A Tale of the Antarctic Ocean) – Gordan Stables

    Adventure book in the Antarctic for the young and young at heart.

    Published by Blackie London but really Glasgow in the early 1930’s.

    Octavo, 288 pages thick spongy paper and despite the spongy quite clean with some marks to the extreme per edge. Coloured frontispiece and three full page illustrations. Prize label on front end papers. Rare in the illustrated dust jacket.

    Three stories and despite the subtitle starts with … “Far Away in the Frozen North” an Arctic adventure on the good barque Walrus and the oft frozen Captain Mayne Brace (great pun). Story two “Under the Southern Cross” requires no clue as to the general location with many icy encounters. Finally “On the Great Antarctic Continent” and the beauty and marvel of the Ice-Cave. The sledging journey across the tableland and the dash for the pole takes its lead from the great Heroic Era accounts.

    Young at heart adventure with a nod to Polar reality.


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  • Pilot Pete [An Antarctic Adventure] – Alan Villiers

    Pilot Pete [An Antarctic Adventure] – Alan Villiers

    Published by Angus and Robertson a 1963 edition of Villiers’s delightful book with a “save the whales message” and he saved some ships as well .

    Drawing of maritime adventurer Villiers’s experience whaling in the Antarctic and the knowledge and superstitions that surround encounters with a porpoise. Porpoise Pete lived around Perseverance Harbour, Campbell Island .. which is south-east of the Enderby Islands, in turn south of New Zealand.

    Nicely illustrated by H.T. Cauldwell. Octavo, 64 pages. A very good gift worthy copy.

    Villiers could write for all ages about the coldest of seas. .


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  • La Symphonie Pastorale – Andre Gide.

    La Symphonie Pastorale – Andre Gide.

    Taking its name from Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, the “Pastoral Symphony”, an interesting edition of Gide’s somewhat controversial novel. Here edited and presented with lengthy English language introductions and post novella notes by Magdalen College Oxford modern language expert M. Shackleton.

    Published by Harrap, London in 1955. Small octavo, xxxv introduction (English); 69 pages novella (French) 7-88 pages notes (English). Frontispiece portrait of Gide looking thoughtful. Good condition, clean inside, green cloth covered boards a very trifle edge marked.

    In short, a story about blindness although that’s a little trite. A pastor takes into his family a young blind girl to whom over time he displays interest and affection more than his wife believes satisfactory. The pastor’s son falls for the young girl but is refused by the father. The girl recovers her sight to realise that the pastor was an old infatuated man suffering from “moral blindness” and that she really loves the son … too late he has become a monk! Excuse our precis … it’s better than that.

    An interesting book for the reader of French and those starting out …

    Gide and his meaningful La Symphonie Pastoral … explained well by Shackleton .


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