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The Theory of Relativity. An Introductory Sketch based on Einstein’s Original Writings including a Biographical Note – Henry L Brose – 1920

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Softcover, printed wrappers. Octavo, 32 pages with 3 diagrams in text, sewn as issued, slightly soiled and edge nibbles, still a good copy of the second edition of this important work in English concerning Einstein’s ground breaking Theory of Relativity. Published by Basil Blackwell, Oxford.

Published February 1920 the first printing being in December 1919, with alterations as set out in the Preface. We have provided an image of this element as its interesting to read that amendments had been made after having contact with Einstein.

Einstein’s theories, .. special and general, were published in Berlin between 1914 and 1916. This work by Brose was published before the full translations of Einstein’s work which first appeared in 1920. Brose completed the full translation for Methuen, London a work now worth many thousands of dollars.

Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose (1890-1965) was an Australian physicist. He was born in Adelaide went to Prince Alfred College and then the University in Mathematics .. Rhodes Scholar to Christ Church, Oxford. He went to Hamburg in 1914 to visit relatives and was interned for the duration of WWI. It was during that time that he became in the developing Theory of Relativity. War over and back at Oxford he completed his Degree in 1919 and translated Einstein’s work the year after. He later obtained his Doctorate on the motion of electrons in oxygen under Townsend. All top end stuff.

Brose had direct contact with Einstein, later in 1930 Einstein visited University establishments in England and Brose acted as his translator.

Early English language papers on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by noted Australian Physicist at Oxford.

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