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The Maps and Prints of Paolo Forlani – Woodward – A Newberry Library Production 1990

Short Description

A special item, a descriptive bibliography of the maps and prints of 16th Century Venetian, Paolo Forlani.

Published as Occasional Publication No 4 of the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Geography – The Newberry Library, Chicago 1990.

Small quarto scale, perfect bound, 60 pages, clay coloured soft covers. Very good condition.

The compiler, David Woodward a legendary American cartographic expert.

The work starts with careful explanations in the Preface and Acknowledgements, then a list of Abbreviations and Explanations before a list of the Illustrations. Followed by 21 full page plates of examples .. some very special, given the unique nature of the items and, their lack of general publication … the globe just beautiful.

Followed by a full bibliographic description of the known works. Rounded off with a section of references, index of persons identified and connected, and a geographical index for those geographically challenged.

Special work on Paolo Forlani, one of the premier and most decorative 16thC cartographers

Price: $30.00

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