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The Life of Marco Polo – Liebig Advertising Cards

Short Description

A complete group of six attractive trade cards by Liebig issued mid-20th Century. In Dutch – Het Leven Van Marco Polo – “The Life of Marco Polo”

Delightful images depicting various stages in the adventures of Marco Polo. Significant narrative, in Dutch, at the rear of each card … more than usual which makes for that special foreign language lesson.

Each 10cms x 7.3cms in very good condition.

Card 1 – First Departure for the East; 2 – The Roof of the World; 3 – Governor of Jaugia in Service of the Great Khan Koubilai; 4 – At the Head of the Victorious Army; 5 - The Battle of Cuzole; The recounting of his Travels – Il Milione.

Marco Polo – his Life in Beautiful Images

Price: $60.00

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