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The Journals of Thomas Williams Missionary in Fiji 1840-1853 – 2 Vols – G.C. Henderson – First Editions1931

Short Description

A fine first edition set published by Angus $ Robertson, Sydney in 1931. Large octavo, 278 and 279- 606 pages. Very good if not fine condition. With an annotation of the free endpaper by the author “With the Author’s compliments to his fellow Sabbath-breaker on the xxx links 20/11/31”

Carries the heraldic bookplate of Sir Howard Watson Lloyd, Bank of Adelaide etc and old boy of St Peters surely Australia’s best school.

Thomas Williams recorded in the finest and most intimate detail his observations of and interactions with native Fijians in the first half of the 19th Century. His manuscript accounts are held in the Mitchell Library. The author Henderson a noted expert on Fiji trawled over these difficult to read documents and other related items held in London to produce as complete a work as possible.

Starting from his humble home in Horncastle, England Thomas Williams set out across the world … after a lengthy introduction which deals with this background and a few brief notes on the voyage out we find him on the Fijian Island of Lakemba and then Somosomo and Mbua Bay. Thomas Williams was by no means a brilliant artist, but he left many sketches now in the Michel which have been used as illustrations and bring the narrative alive. The whole embellished with maps, charts and later photographs of localities.

Included a couple of ephemeral scraps in the authors had writing … one has written “Quite recently the British Admiralty has paid me two very gratifying compliments in the publication of their Fijian charts: following certain information given in my last book” … nice work.

Henderson on Williams essential Fiji – Nice copies with author inscription.

Price: $125.00

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