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Ships Figureheads – Complete Set of John Player’s Cards – 1931

Short Description

A complete set of 25 vibrantly coloured cigarette cards used to promote John Player’s cigarettes – issued in 1931.

The first time we have had this set and already our favourite. A maritime delight. Each card has an interesting narrative on the back … a wee bit better and more informative than other sets we believe.

In protective sleeve as shown .. the odd insignificant mark - a really good set.

Naval vessels include … Princess Royal, Queen Charlotte, Colossus, Seahorse, Bellerophon (We prefer “Billy Ruffian”), Royal Sovereign, Black Prince, Victory (hurray), Terra Nova, Formidable etc etc.

We have seen this set mounted for display. One of the few that can still get away with that treatment in the “modern home”!

Complete set and a nautical delight

Price: $120.00

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