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Resolution – Captain Cook’s Second Voyage of Discovery – Peter Aughton.

Short Description

The author was an engineer, he worked on the development of Concorde, so he brings a scientific style to his writing, which we like.

Large octavo, 189 pages nice illustrations and several super charts. A fine copy.

Cook’s second voyage plunged further South than anyone before him to solve the mystery of the Southernmost Continent. He may have been the first to see the Antarctic Continent south of South Georgia ... the jury is still out.

Never with only one objective in mind, Cook then set off for warmer climes and now familiar territory .. to him.

A voyage full of curiosity … the first to properly carry the Harrison chronometer … the one that worked and the longitude solved because of the clock and because of Cook’s careful control over this new fangled precision instrument that looked like a large pocket watch. Difficulties arose, not the least the loss of men from the sister ship Adventure who lost their lives to cannibals.

HMS Resolution apply named and Cook’s Second successful voyage south and into the Pacific.

Price: $35.00

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