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Rasmie’s Buddie [Shetlandic Poetry] – Haldane Burgess

Short Description

This is the fourth edition of this most curios collection of “Poems in the Shetlandic” by Haldane Burgess illustrated by Frank Walterson.

Published in beautiful Lerwick, Shetland by the local publishing company. Octavo, xxii,104 pages including the useful if not essential comprehensive glossary of Shetlandic words at the end. Very good condition in a like dust jacket.

First published in the 19th century the work comprises forty seven poems which follow a very good biographical memoir of the poet by Manson and a preface by expert Lawrence Graham.

There are smatterings of English .. “The Shetland words are rather tough, - And there are folk you’d reach - Who’d like the “’Buddie” right enough; - But can’t make out the speech. - I have knocked about the world, - Seen and read a thing or two – And picked up some plain English, - Which I’m pretty sure would do”

But the fun in this work comes with the translation and the relaxing island style.

Shetlandic poetry - what a way in to a beautiful dialect ..

Price: $35.00

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