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Rare Pacific Voyage Books from the Collection of David Parsons – Part I. Dampier to Cook.

Short Description

Hordern House have done a number of similar works. This by far the best. Published in 2005.

English born David Parsons was executed at Corpus Christi, Oxford. He spent his adult life in the USA were applied his mathematical skills as a top actuary. The collection written up by the House was the first of two parts (see our copy of Part II sold separately), the most important works e would say in chronological order up to Cook.

Parsons had decided to focus in on early Spanish/ Portuguese exploration. The proceeds from this magnificent collection would have provided a pretty healthy budget.

Octavo, unpaginated, circa 125 pages, magnificently illustrated. Contains all of the key works one would expect, often of super quality or special provenance. Generally organised as follows … Dampier to Swift; The Anson Expedition (delicious); The South Pacific before Cook; The North Pacific before Cook; Cook. As always an excellent description of content and relevance of each work with a helpful selection of images

Super reference a collection to envy for sure.

Price: $60.00

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