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An Immigrant of 1824 [George Robinson - Tasmania] – N.J.B. Plomley

Short Description

The immigrant in question is none other than George Augustus Robinson, who would become the conciliator of the Tasmanian Aborigines. A man who Brian Plomley would spend many years examining through his lengthy but hard to read diaries.

Softcover, published by the Hobart Historical Research Association in 1973. Mock parchment stiff wrappers. Title to front, 47 pages, illustrations from Robinson’s sketches, tables, graphs etc. A fine copy.

Deals with Robinson’s voyage to Australia on the Triton, a substantial vessel for her day, owned by the Australian Company. Robinson travelled steerage Pounds25 compared with the posh Cabin at Pounds65-75. Plomley acknowledges that Robinson’s onboard diaries are lacking in certain areas but makes a good fist of telling the story. All set in a broader discussion on the rate and mix of immigration in the period … with some dubious calculus employed to prove that the rate of change of growth remained constant (well really). The background to Robinson’s pre-emigration life are excellent, as are sections on the Triton with a good schematic of rigging, layout etc.

Excellent notes and references make the work whole.

Plomley on Robinson, on his way out .. a useful and interesting read.

Price: $30.00

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