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1910-1916 Antarctic Photographs of Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley

Short Description

A first edition of this smart book of Ponting and Hurley photographs.

Published by MacMillan, Melbourne in 1969. Landscape 119 pages. The first twenty-five pages with and forward by Sir Vivian Fuchs and an introduction by Jennie Boddington, the selector of the images and then Curator of Photography at the National Gallery, Victoria. Very good condition.

It is universally agreed that it is impossible, even with modern camera to surpass the quality and emotion of the Ponting and Hurley images. Not for nothing is it called the Heroic Era. The story of Hurley’s anguish in leaving behind so many images on the ill-fated Endurance Expedition only goes to enhance what we have.

Ponting and Hurley – No Introduction Required!

Price: $85.00

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