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About Gazette du Bon Ton

The French magazine Gazette du Bon Ton, was a unique Parisian fashion journal started by Lucien Vogel in November 1912. The magazine covered the latest in fashion, lifestyle and beauty. It strove to present an elitist image to distinguish itself from many competitors. It was expensive and only available to subscribers.

Vogel struck exclusive contracts with seven of Paris’s top couture houses (Cheriut, Doeuillet, Doucet, Paquin, Poiret, Redfern and Worth) so that the designers’ fashions were shown only on the pages of Gazette du Bon Ton

Vogel, in an effort to emphasize the connections between fashion and art, provided exquisite fashion plates created by modern artists such as Paul Iribe, George Lepape, Edouard Benito, Georges Barbier, Andre Edouard Marty, Marcelle Pichon, Charles Martin, Bernard de Monvell, Pierre Brissaud, Maurice Taquoy, J Gose, Jaques Dresa, Carl Erickson. L’Hom, Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Fernand Simeon, Robert Bonfils, Alex Rzewuski and others. Marketed towards the Paris elite, prints of exclusive and trend-setting fashions appeared in limited editions, but without an explanatory text. Each fashion pochoir (stencil) print was hand-painted in vivid colours on handmade paper, making them highly desirable to collectors.

In the first edition of Gazette du Bon Ton Vogel remarked “The clothing of a woman is a pleasure for the eye that cannot be judged inferior to the other arts”.

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