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  • Snapshot from the North Pacific [British Columbia] – Rev Ridley – Edited Alice Janvrin

    Snapshot from the North Pacific [British Columbia] – Rev Ridley – Edited Alice Janvrin

    Scarce. Published by the Missionary Society, London in 1904. Octavo, viii, 192 pages, illustrated throughout.

    Essentially a travel account of Northern British Columbia from 1880 onwards by Rev Ridley who had the task of “converting” heathens indigenous and otherwise. When not doing that he travelled extensively by sea and land. His account if very interesting and the descriptions of the people he met along on the way priceless. Illustrations from early photo graph or sketches therefrom very good … we particularly like the Medicine Man and the Two Chiefs.

    Over time he covers from the ease of Vancouver Island … the Skeena River; Massett; Metlakatia in the very north; meets the Kwaguti; visits Alert Bay; Aiyansh and Kitkatia. He sails to Dolphin island to meet to the Kilkatla or Gitxaala Nation … the first native people to take up arms .. encouraged by passing English. We like these people … Gitxaala translates to “People of the Open Sea” .. there are not many of them but they are proud people … we understand that they have currently suspended Treaty negotiations with the Canadian Government … we hope it works out for them.

    Rev William Ridley religious but informed …


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  • A Levantine Log-book – J. A. Hart – First Edition 1906 [Fine Example]

    A Levantine Log-book – J. A. Hart – First Edition 1906 [Fine Example]

    First edition of this interesting travel account published by Longmans Green, New York in 1906.

    Gifted by J M Gray on March 13, 1906 in fine writing on paste down … almost exactly one month before the great San Francisco earthquake.

    Octavo, 404 pages with 50 plates from photographs. Nice embossed decoration to front covers. Top edge gilt. A fine copy … really super good.

    Jerome Alfred Hart (1854-1937) was from California and was a noted traveller and author who also acted as Editor of the San Francisco Argonaut.

    Here he travels in the Levante to Turkey, Palestine [of the day] and Egypt as well as fitting in Malta and Naples where he visits Pompeii. A sound narrative with some good detail and well chosen illustrations.

    Hart writes about the Levante as it was …


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  • North British Australasian Company Limited – Delay on Wool Clip creates liquidity issues – 1892

    North British Australasian Company Limited – Delay on Wool Clip creates liquidity issues – 1892

    Original manuscript letter from the Company Secretary of the North British Australasian Company Limited from their headquarters at 10 Moorgate Street, London E.C. dated 5th July 1892.

    Addressed to Cochran Macpherson who were likely the lawyers of 152 Union Street, Aberdeen who were no doubt attending to their wily Scottish clients interests.

    I legible hand but for ease of reading … “Dear Sirs, I am in receipt of your letter of the 1st inst and in reply beg to say that the delay in the payment of the Guaranteed interest is owing to the non-arrival of the greater part of the Wool Clip. We have however received a Cablegram saying that same is being pushed forward and expected to arrive here in September. On the completion of the sales whatever amount remains after meeting out-goings in the Colony will be appropriated for interest on the Guaranteed Stock. A payment on account would have been made ere this had it been possible to have sold a large quantity of surplus Live Stock on the Stations at the present time but prices are so extremely low that we are prohibited from doing so .. ”

    The North British Australasian Company were formed in the early 1840’s and by the time of this letter had extensive interests in Australia.

    What at first hand may be a routine business letter … reflects the difficulties facing the Australian agricultural sector to this day … overstocking when prices are low, delays caused by unforeseen reasons and shareholders expecting guarantees when they cannot be fulfilled.

    10 Moorgate is a beautiful building now occupied by ING Group.

    Liquidity Issued Politely Explained
    NB – Postage will be reduced on final billing


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  • Rare Pacific Voyage Books  from the Collection of David Parsons (Part 2).  La Perouse to Wilkes.

    Rare Pacific Voyage Books from the Collection of David Parsons (Part 2). La Perouse to Wilkes.

    The second part of the Parson’s collection offered by Hordern House. Published in 2006 a year after the first part. Quarto hardback, unpaginated, circa 130 pages, magnificently illustrated. Fine example in a fine dust jacket.

    English born David Parsons was educated at Corpus Christi, Oxford. He spent his adult life in the USA where he applied his mathematical skills as a top actuary.

    Contains all of the key works one would expect, often of super quality or special provenance. Contains, inter alia, English voyages – First Fleet … Bligh & the Bounty; French voyages – La Perouse and the search … Baudin … Freycinet; Russian voyages – Krusenstern … Kotzebue; Spanish voyages – Malaspina; American voyages – Wilkes and special rare works relating to Hawaii (this list does not do it justice). As always with HH an excellent description of content and relevance of each work with a helpful selection of images

    Super reference a collection to envy for sure


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  • Through Lapland with Skis & Reindeer – Frank Hedges Butler – 1919

    Through Lapland with Skis & Reindeer – Frank Hedges Butler – 1919

    title continues … with Some Account of the Ancient Lapland and the Murman Coast.

    With the author’s brilliant bookplate on front pastedown, mots likely a presentation copy. Also probably later inscription of Edwin Clements who had participated in the North Russian expeditionary Force 1918-1919.

    Published by Fisher Unwin, London in 1919 a third impression. Octavo, 286 pages, decorated boards. Nicely illustrated from photographs taken on the expedition and other historical items for context. Four maps specifically annotated by the author, including folding map at the rear.

    A super account that befits the nature of the author. Butler was one of the first in England to own a motor vehicle … a Benz in 1898. Along with a now famous Mr Rolls formed the Royal Automobile Club. He took to serious ballooning with over 100 flight .. one from London to the South of France … partly designed to observe the Solar Eclipse of 1907. He formed the Royal Aeronautical Club as a result … he was the second private person to take flying lessons and flew with Wilbur Wright in France. Naturally, he was a member of The Ski Club.

    We say the bookplate is “brilliant” as it meets the test of defining the owners character with the images of the very vintage motor car; hot air balloon; Wilbur Wright aircraft and Reindeer powered sled … with the odd book thrown in.

    We have not described the book … it’s brilliant

    Frank Butler out skiing in northmost Lapland … if you want to start a Club this is the man to follow.


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  • Visitants – Randolph Stow – First Edition 1979

    Visitants – Randolph Stow – First Edition 1979

    An absolutely crisp, as if new, first edition published by Secker & Warburg, London in 1979. Octavo, 189 pages plus page on notes.

    Author of Tourmaline one of Voyager’s favourite ever novels waited some time before publishing this yet again unusual narrative.

    Based in Papua New Guinea where at one time Stow had worked in official service.

    The book starts with a Prologue which narrates the sighting of alien lifeform “flying saucers with waving aliens” by Reverend William Gill and his staff, an event of which Voyager has previously had original material.

    The narrative continues on the island of Kailuana where an enquiry is underway regarding strange goings on.

    Reviewers of Stow’s work have occasionally remarked about the surreal in his writing. We agree, and don’t be put off by that …it’s understandable, interesting and rewarding.

    Randolph Stow – it was worth the wait.


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