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  • The Spirit Ridden Konde [Lake Nyasa Tanzania] – First Edition D.R. Mackenzie – 1925

    The Spirit Ridden Konde [Lake Nyasa Tanzania] – First Edition D.R. Mackenzie – 1925

    Longer title – The Spirit Ridden Konde. A record of the interesting but steadily vanishing customs & ideas gathered during twenty four year residence amongst these shy inhabitants of the Lake Nyasa region, from witch doctors, diviners, hunters, fishers & every native source.

    Published by Lippincott a first American edition 1925. A beautifully presented book with serious content regarding the Konde people of Tanzania.

    Octavo, 318 pages with folding map and 21 illustrations from photographs. Strikingly vivid blue cloth covered binding with gilt image of native to front, titles to spine. A very good copy.

    Mackenzie explores the complex relationship of the Konde people with the spirit world and how it affects their daily lives and their rituals and traditions. He traces their origins and how they migrated to the Lake Nyasa region. Good descriptions of initiation rites of both young men and women. A super book.

    No better book about the Konde of Lake Nyasa


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  • Kushan Empire Artefact (First Century BCE) – Hand Holding a Serpent by the Head

    Kushan Empire Artefact (First Century BCE) – Hand Holding a Serpent by the Head

    A fragment well carved in the red sandstone of the region. From the Kushan Empire of Northern India and beyond, circa 1st – 2nd Century BCE. A lovely and curious example.

    Dimensions roughly 10cm x 9cm x 8cm; 16cm high on its stand; weighs 450gm. The simple stand is all that is needed to make this unusual sculpture accessible. Acquired by Voyager from a broader beautiful private collection.

    The Kushan Empire was then at the heart of the world between the Roman Empire in the west and the Chinese Han Dynasty in the east. They were heavily influenced by the Greeks and in the earlier years used the Greek alphabet and language for official matters.

    The hand here is interesting and the grip unusual but likely the best way to hold a serpent or snake which students of the region will know had special meaning … the snakes not the way of holding.

    Special for its age, origin and symbolism. A pretty unique item.


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  • Kaleidoscope – E.R. Jim Henry

    Kaleidoscope – E.R. Jim Henry

    A solid humorous memoir by Tasmanian legal identity and raconteur Eric Rutherford “Jim” Henry. A funny man – author of self described best seller “Revelations of a Retired Lawyer” –

    The first page of this book proves he had not lost his wit – a man that definitely wore his heart on his sleeve. Not quite the Dubliner’s but there is also some gossip in here. Not only good with the law and the pen he could hold a tennis racket with some style and success.

    Self published in 1981 and signed, soft cover, perfect bound, 242 pages, lots of images from photographs. If you went to Hutchins then this should be on your shelf.

    Call me “Jim” Henry and his life and observations with fun and information thrown in.


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  • The Struggle of the Penguin Tramway and the Tasmanian Iron Mines at Penguin 1897-1910 – Ron Parnell.

    The Struggle of the Penguin Tramway and the Tasmanian Iron Mines at Penguin 1897-1910 – Ron Parnell.

    Well this is one of the best local histories we have put eyes on – not only because of the unusual mining connection, but the rivalry between the two major players .. Parnell has done a wonderful job bringing the story to life. There is a movie in this.

    Soft covers, 59 pages, illustrated well throughout with maps, diagrams, images etc, effectively self published, no date but 1986 and scarce.

    If you get this before you read it skim the chronology on page 52 as it gives you a heads up on what is to come and joins the while together nicely. There is also and extensive bibliography and it’s no surprise to us that Fenton’s “Bush Life in Tasmania” starts the list.

    Scarce mining, tramway, Penguin collectable packed with information.


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  • Billabong Riders – Mary Grant Bruce – 1952

    Billabong Riders – Mary Grant Bruce – 1952

    This is the first UK edition published in 1952, having been published in Australia in 1942.

    An absolutely clean copy with a perfect dust jacket … given the time period of over 70 year something special .. would make great gift.

    Octavo, 192 pages, frontispiece like the jacket cover. We have gushed about the quality, put up with a previous owners book label at the front ends.

    This is all about the riders of Billabong the authors special place that defines real Australia to many … full of character and characters. Understand it before tall buildings take over.

    One for the bush or the curious city dweller.


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  • Spanish Love [the Girl and the Matador] – Juanita Savage – 1926

    Spanish Love [the Girl and the Matador] – Juanita Savage – 1926

    A 1926 edition of this feisty love story. Not long off a hundred year old and still with a wonderful dust jacket.

    Octavo, 316 pages, pages browned a bit; excuse it for its otherwise very good clean condition … still very gift worthy.

    Set in Spain, and we love the authors name … adds a bit of ferocity.

    Our lady, Dolores Annesley was born of a Spanish mother we are told and hence inherited a certain beauty and power over men. Don Pedro was also no slouch when it came to the romantic game … so with two positive charges we are in for a bit of a roller coaster romance. And, we get it … with paella.

    Great guide to romance in Spain if you are heading that way or a few clues for us wishful types.


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