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  • The Sea and the Jungle – H.M. Tomlinson – Special Illustrated Edition

    The Sea and the Jungle – H.M. Tomlinson – Special Illustrated Edition

    This is the upmarket edition for the Imprint Society published in 1971, first edition was 1912. Considered a classic of travel writing … compared with Conrad.

    Full title … The Sea and the Jungle – Being the narrative of the voyage of the tramp steamer Capella from Swansea to Santa Maria de Belem do Crao Para in the Brazils, and thence 2,000 miles along the forests of the Amazon and Madeira rivers to the San Antonio Falls; afterwards returning to Barbados for orders, and going by way of Jamaica to Tampa Florida, where she loaded for home. Done in the years 1909 and 1910.

    A super publication number 1939 of 1950 on the colophon and there signed in black ink by the artist Garrick Palmer who produced the magnificent woodcuts. The colophon describes the production … The Sea and the Jungle has been printed for Imprint Society members in an edition limited to 1950 copies. Designed and produced in London by Ruari McLean, the book was composed in “Monotype” Bembo and printed from type by W. & J. Mackay in Chatham, England. The paper is Basingwerk Parchment, manufactured by Grosvenor Chater & Co Ltd. The binding in quarter black morocco and buckram was executed by Mackay Binders. The illustrations, printed from the block, were engraved on wood by Garrick Palmer of Cowplain, Hampshire, who here signs … Garrick Palmer.

    Large octavo, bound as described above but may we add gilt design to front board over green cloth, with gilt vertical decorative line, gilt title to spine ., top edge stained green to match, nice slipcase with artwork taken from the woodcuts. Double page map of the Amazon Basin, double page woodcut adorned Title Page, ten additional woodcuts mostly full page. A very good copy. We cannot over emphasise the quality of the woodcuts that are taken from the block so well that the texture of the print on the surface of the paper can be clearly felt.

    Henry Major Tomlinson (1873-1958) writer, journalist, traveller grew up in the London, East End Docks. He worked as a journalist for the Morning Leader. In 1909 an opportunity arose for him to take a trip on the tramp steamer Capella to South America. They were to deliver goods deep into the jungles of Brazil. His account in The Sea and the Jungle details the wild winter crossing of the Atlantic and his time at the construction site of the Madeira – Manare railway. Written with modesty, humour and adventure it remains one of the most popular travel accounts.

    A Classic of the Travel Genre – Beautifully re-presented.



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  • The Glass-Blowers – Daphne du Maurier – First Edition 1963

    The Glass-Blowers – Daphne du Maurier – First Edition 1963

    First edition, published in 1963 by Victor Gollancz, London. Octavo, 320 pages, complete dust jacket, some age to page edges and tape marks to pastedowns. Still a very good first edition.

    Du Maurier found some engraved glass an related letters among her family archive. She was descended from an 18th Century family of glass-blowers. This is the foundation of this novel then thought by critics her best so far. Successful and admired the French Revolution brought an end to all of that.

    As an aside, we love the two little booksellers ticket on the front past-down … first Anthony Hordern’s Sydney, a merchant and retailer, the store in Sydney was for years the largest in Australia and, claimed at one time to be the largest in the World. Knocked down by some idiots to build the World Square in 1986. Then, Tyrrell’s Book Shop, Crows Nest Sydney, where it presumably moved to its second owner. Jim Tyrrell was the doyen of the Sydney book trade from the late 1800′s through his long life … he died in 1961 just before this book was published. His son John and Grandson Bill took over the business and moved it to Crows Nest … the same premises now occupied by the esteemed Antique Book Shop.

    Du Maurier and her ancestors – Make for a good story


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  • The Doomed Oasis (A Novel of Arabia) – Hammond Innes

    The Doomed Oasis (A Novel of Arabia) – Hammond Innes

    Hammond Innes a master of the thriller.

    First published 1960, this is the 1962 Readers Book Club edition which we prefer for its more evocative dust jacket.

    Octavo, 286 pages, very good condition.

    Set in Arabia a ex British Army Colonel has taken to Arab life. His son a wayward lad from Cardiff flees trouble to the same locale to be a geologist. Accused of murdering his father things get a bit hot under the Arabian Sun. Packed with action among the sand dunes.

    Hammond Innes and Adventure and Thrills in the Desert


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  • Fruit of the Poppy – Robert Wilder First Edition 1965

    Fruit of the Poppy – Robert Wilder First Edition 1965

    First edition of the upmarket version of Fruit of the Poppy by Robert Wilder, author of Flamingo Road etc.

    Published by Allen, London in 1965. Octavo, 267 pages. Very good condition albeit some dust jacket nicks to spine.

    An early war on drugs novel and more interesting for its serious approach to the story… no car chases or ambushes. Set in the Mexican valleys we have a proper novel in the style of Greene or Le Carre. Judge for yourself.

    Powerful 1960’s novel against the Mexican drug trade


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  • Maigret Victorious – Georges Simenon – First Collection 1975

    Maigret Victorious – Georges Simenon – First Collection 1975

    Published by the Book Club with arrangement with Hamish Hamilton, a first of type 1975.

    Octavo, 281 pages all in excellent condition.

    Three on a plate – Maigret’s Memoirs (better than most); the Headless Corpse (A Voyager favourite) and Maigret and the Saturday Caller.

    Maigret trifecta – get your pipe lit!


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  • Last Voyage – Ann Davison – First edition 1951

    Last Voyage – Ann Davison – First edition 1951

    First edition of Ann Davison’s autobiographical account which ends in the most dramatic shipwreck and the loss of her husband.

    An incredible individual, after all of this, she became the first woman to single-handedly sail across the Atlantic.

    Published by Peter Davis, London, 1951. Octavo, 248 pages, two photographs of Ann and Frank … it was not that sort of adventure. Very good condition.

    The Last Voyage begins with her earlier life as an aviator in the 1930’s delivering mail around the UK. She married Frank Davison a fellow aviator when they both worked at the Hooten airfield near Liverpool. They has a long held ambition for sailing and bought a run-down 70 foot ketch “Reliance”. Doing it up sent them broke and before the work was finished they sailed to avoid their creditors. They encountered incredible storms in the Channel and the Irish Sea … they foundered on the Portland Bill. Taking to their cork life raft they battled to survive and Frank died out of pure exhaustion ..

    Now scarce and one of the most personal accounts we have read.


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