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  • Scott of the Antarctic – Commemorative Tea Caddy

    Scott of the Antarctic – Commemorative Tea Caddy

    An unusual Polar Collectable, a tea caddy commemorating Scott and his final party who all perished on their way back from finding Amundsen’s flag at the South Pole.

    Typical, between the wars, caddy shape with curved front and scalloped sides. Images of the heroes from the 1910-13 Terra Nova Expedition. A portrait of Captain Scott on the lid and an image of Scott resplendent in Polar Dress in the front; to the sides Evans, Oates, Bowers, and Wilson. On the rear we see the team pulling a sledge through an Antarctic blizzard and a brief narrative of the tragedy.

    Date and maker unknown, we cannot find it in the encyclopaedia of tea caddies.

    The word caddy is derived from the Chinese weight measurement pronounced catty which back in the days became a standard measure for tea … approximately 600 gm.

    An interesting Polar Commemorative – not just for tea drinkers



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  • James Cook’s Second Voyage – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World – Fine Large Scale Facsimile in 2 Volumes

    James Cook’s Second Voyage – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World – Fine Large Scale Facsimile in 2 Volumes

    Facsimile of James Cook’s Second Voyage – Towards the South Pole – 2 Volumes

    A Voyage Towards the South Pole, and Round the World Performed in His Majesty’s Ships the Resolution and Adventure, in the years 1772, 1773, 1774 and 1775. In which is included Captain Furneaux’s Narrative of his Proceedings in the Adventure during the Separation of the Ships: By James Cook Commander of the Resolution.

    Illustrated with Maps and Charts, and a Variety of Portraits of Persons and Views of Places, Drawn during the Voyage by Mr. Hodges, and Engraved by the Most Eminent Master.

    This is the account of Cook’s second voyage. The success of Cook’s first voyage led the Admiralty to send him on a second expedition to circumnavigate the globe as far south as possible in search of any southern continents. Cook proved that there was no Terra Australis which supposedly lay between New Zealand and South America, but became convinced that there must be land beyond the ice fields. Cook was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle. Further visits were made to New Zealand, and on two great sweeps Cook made an astonishing series of discoveries and rediscoveries including Easter Island, the Marquesas, Tahiti and the Society Islands, Niue, the Tonga Islands, the New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, and a number of smaller islands. Rounding Cape Horn, on the last part of the voyage, Cook discovered and charted South Georgia, after which he called at Cape Town. William Hodges was the artist with the expedition. This voyage produced a vast amount of information concerning the Pacific peoples and Islands, proved the value of the chronometer as an aid in finding longitude, and improved techniques for preventing scurvy.

    Also, includes the account of Captain Furneaux in the Adventure during his time separated from the Endeavour.

    Originally published by Strahan & Cadell, London in 1777. This edition in two volumes by the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1970.

    Complete with facsimile images – portrait frontispiece (Basire’s engraving of Cook from the painting by William Hodges) and 63 plates, charts and portraits, many folding. Light beige canvas cloth covered boards, separate title labels to spine. Very clean internally, high quality paper. A super set.

    The second Voyage of James Cook to seek out the Great Southern Land – and to do so much more.


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  • Black Widow – America’s Most poisonous Spider – Thorp and Woodson

    Black Widow – America’s Most poisonous Spider – Thorp and Woodson

    What a super subject for a standalone book.

    First edition published by The University of Morth Carolina Press in 1945.

    Octavo, 222 pages, illustrated with spidery goodness. A very good copy and very clean and well produced given the end of WWII publishing date.

    All about the Widow as one would expect. Comparison’s with other spider devils, experiments on people .. the life cycle and habits of this avoidable octopod.

    Would make a great gift for someone who has it all …


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  • The Living Sea – John Crompton

    The Living Sea – John Crompton

    A first edition of this interesting easy to read book about the natural history of the oceans. Quite broad in content … starts with prehistory and then moves into Whales (nice content), Manatee, Sharks, Rays back to Caelacanth .. all the good stuff.

    Published by Collins, London in 1957. Octavo, 256 pages, some sketch like illustrations. And the dust jacket … we had to have it just for

    Good period all rounder dressed to impress.


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  • Matto Grosso – Waclaw Korabiewicz

    Matto Grosso – Waclaw Korabiewicz

    A peculiar and enchanting travel book about a bird hunting expedition to the Matto Grosso in South America. Watch out for the piranhas!

    Translated from the original Polish. Octavo, 238 pages published circa 1958 by the Travel Book Club, effectively Jonathan Cape, London. A lovely clean copy with the striking jacket designed by Leslie Wood.

    Parrots and Piranhas


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  • Maigret’s Pickpocket and Maigret and the Nahour Case– Georges Simenon

    Maigret’s Pickpocket and Maigret and the Nahour Case– Georges Simenon

    Translated from the French another double helping of Maigret published by the Companion Book Club in 1968. A first of type.

    Octavo, 288 pages in very good condition.

    Maigret has his wallet stolen on a bus .. the young offender telephone Maigret and a murder enquiry ensues. In Nahour a gambler is murdered and his wife, who has fled with her lover, is suspected.

    Two different Maigret cases but with murder at the heart of each.


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