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  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom – T.E. Lawrence of Arabia – First Trade Edition 1935

    Published by Jonathan Cape London 1935 – Seven Pillars of Wisdom a Triumph – “The Sword also means Clean-ness + Death”.

    First trade edition second impression same month as the July first impression. The Trade Edition preceded by the incomplete “Oxford” edition of 1922 (8 copies only were printed) and the very rare privately printed “Subscribers Edition” of 1927 (170 copies).

    Thick quarto, 672 pages. Frontispiece portrait of a bust of Lawrence, 4 folding maps as called for, 2 facsimiles and a total of 54 illustrations – 46 of which are dramatic portraits of men who appear in the book. Previous owners bookplate on paste down, a very good copy.

    Lawrence “took pains to bring objects and artists together”. A classic book written by Lawrence after a very successful war leading the Arabs against the Turks, considered one of the most important books on war especially political and guerrilla warfare. Churchill called it “One of the greatest books ever written in the English language”

    Lawrence of Arabia’s great book


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  • The Pearl – John Steinbeck – First UK Edition 1948

    Published by Heinemann, London in 1948. A special short story from the Nobel prize winning author.

    Octavo, 98 pages, dust jacket with some age an chips, otherwise a bright copy of a scarce Steinbeck work.

    Based on an old Mexican folk story … the Great Pearl. How it was found and lost. A simple story about folks … Kino the fisherman, his wife Coyitio and baby Juana. Enchanting.

    The Pearl – a Steinbeck First from a story long told in Mexico by the Ocean.



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  • Minorities – T. E. Lawrence [of Arabia] his favourite poems – First Edition 1971

    Published by Jonathan Cape, London in 1971. Octavo, 272 pages, photographic frontispiece, biographical introduction by J.M. Wilson, preface by C Day Lewis. Light edge wear, previous ownership name at front, a very good copy.

    Lawrence encouraged by his travels kept a notebook of “good poems by small poets and small poems by good poets”. Another insight into the special mind that was Lawrence. The book contains reproductions of some of his own manuscript copies in which he sometimes could not resist improvement or correction of grammar.

    Not particularly minor really – Lawrence of Arabia’s personal anthology in print.



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  • Bulldozer – Michael Terry – Rare – signed by Terry and with an interesting note by recipient.

    Bulldozer – Michael Terry – Rare – signed by Terry and with an interesting note by recipient.

  • Explorer adventurer Michael Terry was excluded from the War effort in WWII because of previous health issues and maybe he was getting on. This did not stop him assisting the war effort of the N.S.W. Department of Main Roads. After all, at the time he was likely Australia’s most notable modern inland adventurer. On one of his famous 1920’s expedition he drove a Model T Ford from Queensland to Broome in WA. His further explorations by camel and tractor gave rise to several highly collectable travel accounts.

    Published by the State Government in 1945. Perfect bound, decorative card covers, 260 pages, illustrated from period photographs. Super scarce … no other obvious copies available. Signed boldly by Terry near front. A little age as you would expect, still a very good copy.

    The premise of the book may sound a bit dull. Fear not the NSW infrastructure people had quite different role because of the War and assisting communication throughout Australia was one of them and it did not stop there … with involvement in Noumea, New Caledonia in the Pacific etc. Terry has a style, reflected in his earlier writing ‘Across Unknown Australia” etc that takes you to the moment of his adventures and observations, many references to individuals and their exploits. We also have the bombing of Darwin and the making of the Brisbane Line difficulties with a Diving Bell etc.

    At front is a very interesting note likely by the recipient “Beau” …. “Michael Terry was my friend. He served as a Marine in Russia in the war subsequent to WWI [Terry was an armoured car driver – he was captured and narrowly escaped execution by the Bolsheviks] … he travelled inland Australia and wrote about it. He was a F.R.G.S … He would now be at least 100 … 24th October 77 …” and other reminiscences. The writer quite wrong about Terry’s age, he would have been 78 at the time this note was written … time has a way of clouding the memory.

    Michael Terry a scarce and unusual account …

  • $80.00

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  • The Jam Factory [Hobart Waterfront] and other Stories [Tasmanian] – Bill Leitch

    The Jam Factory [Hobart Waterfront] and other Stories [Tasmanian] – Bill Leitch

    Effectively self published by Tasmanian historical writer Bill Leitch in Huonville in 1992. Card covers 70 pages, illustrated from period photographs.

    Anyone who has stayed or intends to stay at the posh Henry Jones Arts Hotel will find this little find enthralling. From the early days of the Peacocks kitchen the making of jam and other preserves in Hunter Street alongside the wharves to the massive international business owned by Henry Jones. Told in a laconic style with references to conversations between Henry Jones and Leitch’s forefather who managed the factory floor are amusing. The difficulties and opportunities they faced, where they lived, who they knew, how they got on …

    Backed up by several other stories … our other favourite being about the Kermandie Sawmill with some great images including the single cylinder engine … imagine the noise!

    Postage will be reduced on billing for domestic customers.

    Money for Jam and it certainly was …


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  • Revolt in The Desert -T.E. Lawrence – 1927 Pre dates general issue of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

    Revolt in The Desert -T.E. Lawrence – 1927 Pre dates general issue of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

    Published in London by Jonathan Cape a fifth impression of the first edition published in May 1927, first impression March that year. Bound in original sienna-brown cloth with gilt lettering. Royal 8vo, pp. 446. Good condition without dust jacket. Pages very clean good likewise map at rear, front hinge tender, otherwise a solid book. Heavy so not suitable for Overseas mailing at this price.

    Revolt in the Desert is an abridgement of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. It was the only version available to the general public until the 1935 edition of The Seven Pillars was issued for general circulation. The book was an instant success. This is fifth printing of the first trade edition after the limited edition published in May 1927 (the first four impressions all being issued in March 1927). The whole illustrated by 16 plates and a good folding map.

    Out of interest – the costs for production of the 1926 private edition of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom had ballooned to such an extent that Lawrence was contemplating selling either his library or some of his property to clear the debt. Eventually he settled on this abridgement, undertaken in 1926 by Lawrence with the help of fellow servicemen, an earlier attempt by Edward Garnett having been set aside. The profits from this publication made the fortunes of the Cape publishing house.

    Lawrence of Arabia – Revolt in The Desert


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