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About Sarah Drake – Artist.

Sarah Drake was born in Norfolk in 1803. In 1830 she moved to the London house of John Lindley, a leading botanist of the time. Among other roles she was the governess to Lindley’s children, and through this Lindley spotted her superb artistic talent. She then became the principal illustrator to his botanical publications – of which Voyager has a number of fine examples. She died in 1857. The Western Australia orchid genus Drakea was named in her honour by Lindley in 1840.

John Lindley, pictured below, was born in 1799 into a horticultural family. Early in his career he was employed by Sir Joseph Banks in his herbarium. He occupied the chair of botany at University College, London, at the same time as effectively running the Royal Horticultural Society. After the death of George III, Kew Gardens was nearly demolished but for Lindley, who had to campaign in Parliament to save it from extinction.

John Lindley

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