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Sport – Including Horse Racing, Cricket , Rugby, Game Sports etc

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  • Prey (Fishing – Fly Tying and Exotic Lures) – Carl Richards

    Prey (Fishing – Fly Tying and Exotic Lures) – Carl Richards

    “designing and tying new imitations of fresh and saltwater forage foods”.

    Published by Lyons and Burford, New York in 1995 a first edition. Large octavo, 132 pages, nicely illustrated, some in colour.

    A special book for fly tyers and fisherman. A major part of the book is about the construction of saltwater prey imitations … sardines, shiners, sand lace, bonefish, crabs, shrimp, sea urchins … the art and skill involved in the process well described and much to be admired. We don’t fish but we love it!

    Prey much more than flies and bought plastic lures.


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  • Sport in Many Lands (Europe, Asia, Africa and America)  by H.A. Leveson known as  “Old Shakarry”

    Sport in Many Lands (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) by H.A. Leveson known as “Old Shakarry”

    “Old Shekarry” was Major Henry Astbury Leveson and he was one of the great 19th Century traveller hunters. He went everywhere and had a shot at everything. His recollections of the Man Eating Bengal Tiger do add a little balance.

    Published posthumously as a sort of compilation of his other works on a grander scale. Published by Warne, London and New York in 1890. Royal octavo, 597 pages with towards 200 illustrations. Delightful decorative covers – all in very good condition. A beauty really.

    We start with a special memoir on Leveson by H.F. which reassures one that here was a man who lead a full life, with a distinguished military career to back up his private interests.

    The book proper starts at home with Her Majesty’s Buckhounds and the chasing of the red deer. Off to Bavaria, the Alps and the Chamois. Wild Fowl shooting and the marsh lands of the Somme .. (what a different place they were to become). The exotic and hog hunting in India … Bears, Tigers and Leopards before the formidable yet vulnerable Elephant,. Up in the Himalaya and some interesting travel notes before more shooting. Into the Middle East and the sad markets in wives and slaves. The hard life of the Bedouins around the Suez and blasting Hyena. South Africa and the “bok” in all its forms and, sadly, the quagga (they have all gone). After the challenge of the Lion we move up to Abyssinia and reflections on native customs. A different part of the world the North American “Rockies” and a narrow escape from a grizzly bear … into the prairies and the mode of hunting adopted by the Red Indians. A skirmish with the Red Indians gives the buffalo a chance!

    Old Shakarry from a different era – travel and hunting – in Many Lands


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  • “Rugby” – Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir – Barbier – April 1914

    “Rugby” – Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir – Barbier – April 1914

    An original hand coloured “Pochoir” by George Barbier (1882-1932) the most desirable artist of the Paris Gazette du Bon Ton published in 1914. A very early Bon Ton.

    Rugby and “Costume tailleur de Redfern” … a stylish outfit by English designer John Redfern (1853-1919), in snowy cheviot (a soft luxurious wool weave from the Cheviot sheep, with a small black vest in the finest silk Ottoman, fastened with braided black frogs.

    The ultimate in fashion print from a perfect era.

    Price $190.00 unframed or $290.00 framed in Voyager Bon Ton style

    Much sought after George Barbier


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  • Australian Wood Chopping World Championship -1938

    Australian Wood Chopping World Championship -1938

    An original press photo of the 1938 World Wood Chopping Championship held at Sydney.

    The caption on the back reads … “Mighty Axemen – Brawny men of the Australian lumber lands stage the world championship tree-felling contest at the Royal Agricultural Show, Sydney. It’s tough going to chop through an Australian tree, because most of the lumber produced is hardwood” … mmmh

    A sizeable image 27cm x 20cm taken 28th August 1938

    Iconic Aussie Image away from the beach


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  • Alone – The Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race – Daniel Gilles.

    Alone – The Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race – Daniel Gilles.

    Published by Angus and Robertson 1977 a first edition. Octavo, 214 pages, nicely illustrated with charts and images from photographs. Very good condition.

    By the tine this book had been published this formidable race had been held five times – not without the loss of life. Then regarded as the toughest of all nautical challenges and we would say this book goes “a way” to prove that claim. Superb writing and good back up images.

    Alone across the Atlantic the hard way


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  • Hindu-Koh – Wanderings and Wild Sport on and Beyond the Himalayas  – Major General Donald Macintyre.– 1891

    Hindu-Koh – Wanderings and Wild Sport on and Beyond the Himalayas – Major General Donald Macintyre.– 1891

    Published by Blackwood, Edinburgh and London in 1891. Updated enhanced edition of 1891.

    Large octavo, 362 pages with numerous illustrations. Striking blue cloth cover with the large gilt illustration of the mountain goat to the front. Very good condition. The frontispiece is a piece of work displaying the “bag” in all its magnificence. The tissue guard to the frontispiece is a masterpiece describing each element of the “bag” … we have put a piece of white paper behind to for the scan so that you can see the detail more clearly.

    Macintyre travelled from Srinagar to Leh and on to Chang Chenmo and Lingzi=tang in 1871. This journey covers parts of Cashmere, Sind, Ladakh, Tibet and parts of China. Extensively in the Himalaya foothills. The account represents many years of travel and hunting in the region.

    The account contains vivid descriptions of the people and their customs. And the wildlife … including elephant, tiger, bear, leopard, musk-deer, ibex, mansheer, yak and many more. A primary and early source.

    Donald Macintyre (1831-1903) was a Major in the British Indian Army … 2nd Gurkha Rifles. He was awarded the Victoria Cross in the Lushai Campaign for successfully storming enemy battlements while under intense fire. His medal resides in the Gurkha Museum.

    Rare and valuable account of the broader Himalayas.


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