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Science Fiction

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  • Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Published by Burke, London a second edition 1961. Octavo, 158 pages. Missing its front free endpaper and with a gift inscription on the title. Dust jacket a little tatty at the top but really quite scarce and a sought after book.

    Patrick Moore, Astronomical Hero had the longest ever running television series “The Sky at Night” – he saw it all – In the late 1950’s he turned his hand to science fiction writing and here we are on his favourite planet Mars.

    Continues the story of Maurice Gray and Bruce Talbot told in “The Voices of Mars” … ten years later the Mars colony has grown from their earlier journey to rescue Dr York. Now on the lonely Mars satellite, Deimos, they receive an unexpected visitor and a desperate SOS from the Lowell Dome … it all gets very interesting and Martian!

    Patrick Moore Rarity


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  • Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov – First Edition

    Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov – First Edition

    A first edition, Grenada, London 1983. Large octavo, 326 pages including “Afterward” all in very good condition.

    The First Foundation dominates the Second but not the whole Universe … the hidden planet and powerful minds that will change the course of galactic history.

    Above all – Avoid “Brain Stop”


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  • The Tragedy of the Moon – Isaac Asimov  – 1975

    The Tragedy of the Moon – Isaac Asimov – 1975

    The first printing for the Scientific Book Club, 1975 and our preferred edition. Great condition and with the “has to be seen” dust jacket designed by Ean Taylor. Octavo, 220 pages and in very good condition.

    A collection of science essays from the legendary Asimov. Perhaps a more efficient calendar (Voyager has always thought Mars was a better basis) or would the Earth have been better without a Moon

    Would there be cheese without a Moon?


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  • Quality Scientific Model of a Hydra

    Quality Scientific Model of a Hydra

    A very good example of a hand painted biological model from the 1960’s. Now collectable and 1906 “scientifically decorative”.

    The Hydra is a small fresh water animal with remarkable properties. These predatory little creatures possess radial symmetry and can be found in many un-polluted fresh water ponds. Multi-cellular and only a few millimetres long they lend themselves to microscopic study. They have an incredible regenerative capacity which makes them extremely interesting … they do not appear to age or die of old age.

    The tubular body is secured by a sticky foot called the basal disc. At the other end a mouth opening is surrounded by a number of tentacles each of which is clothed in stinging cells (oouch!). The nasty bits explosively discharge a dart of neurotoxins into the prey sometimes in their hundreds (double ooouch!). They reproduce by growing “buds” on the body wall which become miniature Hydra that break away (convenient). They also have another more complex manner of reproduction when times get tough for food. All of this and more makes the Hydra a very interesting little beauty to study.

    Hard to get quality model of the common but very mysterious everlasting Hydra


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  • Night of the Big Heat  – John Lymington – First Edition 1960

    Night of the Big Heat – John Lymington – First Edition 1960

    Published by Dutton, New York in 1960.

    Missing its front end paper and tape marks to the boards but this is a first edition of this great Sci-Fi classic. The dust jacket is very good indeed no chips or creases.

    Tension, drama and seriously scary …. this is THE NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT!

    Read it with the heating turned up full … but with a cool beer


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  • The Pallid Giant – Pierrepont B. Noyes – 1927 Science Fiction

    The Pallid Giant – Pierrepont B. Noyes – 1927 Science Fiction

    A second edition of the highly sought sfter science fiction classic from the 1920’s.

    Advanced civilisations destroy themselves, two survivors mate with sub-humans to produce modern man

    1927 – early science fiction … stunning dust jacket


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