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New Zealand

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  • Voyage Through the Antarctic – Richard Adams and Ronald Lockley

    Voyage Through the Antarctic – Richard Adams and Ronald Lockley

    A first edition published by Allen Lane, London in 1982.

    Richard Adams, author of Watership Down struck up a friendship with Ronald Lockley author of The Private Life of the Rabbit whilst researching for Watership. This friendship led to making a full Antarctic voyage on the Linblad Explorer from Tierra del Fuego to Stewart Island of South Island New Zealand.

    As would be expected an observant and well written narrative with a super selection of photograph’s taken on the voyage by Peter Hirst-Smith … well he did take three thousand from which to make the selection.

    Small quarto, 160 pages, numerous illustrations from photographs, nice chart etc …a very good copy.

    Adams and Lockley in the Antarctic and not a rabbit in sight.


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  • Captain James Cook – The Greatest Discoverer [Hordern House Reference]

    Captain James Cook – The Greatest Discoverer [Hordern House Reference]

    Well, another magnificent Hordern House production. A catalogue of encyclopedic quality and proportions to reflect the once only collection of Robert and Mary Anne Parks.

    No Cook devotee or great voyages enthusiast should be without this incredible reference to 133 works some unique some so rare that they make one shimmer with envy.

    Cook delights dished up on quality service.


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  • Trimaran to Tahiti – D.E. Barry-Evans

    Trimaran to Tahiti – D.E. Barry-Evans

    Doug Barry-Evans preferred to be called DE. A WWII naval aircraft pilot born in the UK but spent most of his life in New Zealand.

    A First edition 1978, published by Richards o Auckland, NZ. Small quarto, 216 pages plus appendices. Really well illustrated and with really good technical information regarding the boat in the back section. A very good copy

    From New Zealand to Tahiti an 1,800 mile there and back voyage with lots of excitement and adventure along the way.

    A special sailing adventure with good detail on the islands visited


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  • The Year of the Quiet Sun – Adrian Hayter – Quality Book Issue

    The Year of the Quiet Sun – Adrian Hayter – Quality Book Issue

    Adrian Hayter was chosen as the leader of the New Zealand Antarctic expedition of 1964-65.

    This is his record of experiences at and around the Scott Base in the Ross Sea Dependency.

    Published by the Quality Book Club following the Hodder and Stoughton first the same year 1968. We also have the Hodder version … see separate write up.

    Octavo,191 pages, illustrated from original photographs, diagrams etc. A very good copy apart from light soiling front jacket

    A well written and readable account from the previously published author. As well as the trips, experience, difficulties etc we have a honest account of the personnel issues that arise out of the extended close contact and isolation.

    Reference Renard 680

    Good cold weather account on the industrious NZ Antarctic team


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  • Resolution – Captain Cook’s Second Voyage of Discovery – Peter Aughton.

    Resolution – Captain Cook’s Second Voyage of Discovery – Peter Aughton.

    The author was an engineer, he worked on the development of Concorde, so he brings a scientific style to his writing, which we like.

    Large octavo, 189 pages nice illustrations and several super charts. A fine copy.

    Cook’s second voyage plunged further South than anyone before him to solve the mystery of the Southernmost Continent. He may have been the first to see the Antarctic Continent south of South Georgia … the jury is still out.

    Never with only one objective in mind, Cook then set off for warmer climes and now familiar territory .. to him.

    A voyage full of curiosity … the first to properly carry the Harrison chronometer … the one that worked and the longitude solved because of the clock and because of Cook’s careful control over this new fangled precision instrument that looked like a large pocket watch. Difficulties arose, not the least the loss of men from the sister ship Adventure who lost their lives to cannibals.

    HMS Resolution apply named and Cook’s Second successful voyage south and into the Pacific.


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  • Discoveries – The Voyages of Captain Cook – Nicholas Thomas

    Discoveries – The Voyages of Captain Cook – Nicholas Thomas

    A first edition hardback of a different book about Cook in the Pacific

    … hard to believe given the multitude of volumes written about the great man and his three unrivalled voyages.

    However, here we have a different author a Professor of Anthropology at Goldsmiths London. So the perspective is different and now very topical. Cook’s encounters with the people of the Pacific were often harmonious but sometimes volatile .. the author seeks to put us in the position of Cook who as time progressed became more aware that his curiosity came with its own challenges.

    Large thick octavo, 468 pages, illustrations and charts. Published by Allen Lane, London in 2003. A fine copy.

    Captain Cook in the Pacific and his interactions with the people who lived there .


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