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Poetry and Plays and Music Scores

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  • Some Songs of the South Pole  [From Operation Deep Freeze] – Edward Bacon

    Some Songs of the South Pole [From Operation Deep Freeze] – Edward Bacon

    Published privately, first and only, by the author, Washington DC in 1960. Landscape presentation, 72 pages. A trifle marked to covers … still a very good copy.

    Edward Bacon participated in the US “Operation Deep Freeze I” in 1955 when the Americans established their permanent base on the Antarctic. Here he documents his cold climate experiences, songs and poetry. A really interesting companion to the “Songs of the Morning” … see our separate listing

    Curious South Polar Item from Operation Deep Freeze.


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  • The Pagan Trinity – Beatrice Irwin – First Edition 1912 – Presentation Copy to “Cheiro”

    The Pagan Trinity – Beatrice Irwin – First Edition 1912 – Presentation Copy to “Cheiro”

    An unusual book of poetry dedicated to French artist sculptor Auguste Rodin. The opening poem inspired by Rodin…” The Hand of God”

    Presentation copy inscribed boldly “To Count Louis Hamon with best regards from Beatrice Irwin Feb 15 /12” … the recipient was also known as Cheiro, a famous cheiromancer (palmist) and author of sought after works on that subject.

    A first edition published by John Lane, The Bodley Head, London in 1912. Octavo, 144 pages half vellum binding with nice marbled paper covered boards, top edge gilt. A nice copy with the super dedication.

    A volume of mystical verse reflecting the poet / actress’s interest in colour – music – poetry relationships, then very fashionable in Europe, America, and Russia through the works of Alexander Scriabin. Irwin Beatrice also know as Lady Rosslyn a spiritualist and followed of the Baha’i faith. Virginia Woolf described the style as neo-Paganism and of significance. Her theatrical career was extensive and included a season in Australia in 1907 when she played in Brewster’s Millions in Sydney and Melbourne. Her views on colour were sophisticated and well known … she influenced Australian artists in that regard including Roy de Maistre.

    The book is arranged in under the following descriptions … Plastic poems; Colour poems; Tone Poems; The Music of Japan and Songs of the Elements. We like it.

    Cheiro, or Count Hamon was born William John Warner in Ireland in 1866. He became an internationally renown clairvoyant, palmist, numerologist … anything occult. He read for so many of the famous including Mark Twain, Sarah Bernhardt, Eddison etc. To read about some of his predictions will surprise. It is no surprise however that he had a connection with the mystical Beatrice Irwin.

    Mystical poetry by the colourful Beatrice Irwin – Cheiro’s copy nicely inscribed.


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  • Poems to Pavlova – Tulloch Cull – First Edition 1913

    Poems to Pavlova – Tulloch Cull – First Edition 1913

    A first edition of this poetic homage to the great ballerina Anna Pavlova.

    Published by Herbert Jenkins, London in 1913. Square octavo, 62 pages after preliminaries with 8 plates from period photographs. Original decorative green cloth covered boards, all in very good condition.

    Russian born Anna Pavlova (1881-1931) hardly requires introduction. Principal artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet and the Ballets Russes … forever to be remembered as the dying swan.

    Her name was pronounced Pa … vlova unfortunately the pudding designed in her honour Pav … lova has corrupted our understanding. Invented (the pudding) during her tour of Australia in the 1920’s … disputed by Kiwis across the Ditch who believe it was first made in Wellington.

    Anna Pavlova … much more than a meringue with fruit!


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  • The Fortunes of Fifi – Molly Elliot Seawell – First Edition 1903

    The Fortunes of Fifi – Molly Elliot Seawell – First Edition 1903

    A first edition published by Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis in 1903. Interestingly, carries the booksellers sticker of Dymock’s Book Arcae, 428 George Street. Dymocks, Australia’s favourite book store was started in 1879 but soon moved to the aforementioned address as the business took off.

    Fifi is a young actress in fourth rate theatre in Paris. Napoleon is involved in a minor way. She has confidantes and admirers and much love and lost love ensues. She turns out to be related to a certain person in very high place … things get rich and in a tangle which really she is not that thrilled with – eventually, she ends up with the one she should. Complex and intriguing romance. The outline is easily told … it became an early silent movie circa WW! And was very successful.

    Octavo, 239 pages, with decorative end papers that match the delightful pictorial covers. A very good copy.

    Classic Romance based in Paris, became one of the very first movies.


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  • Mr Tambourine Man (EP 1965) Spanish Pressing with Special Cover – Les Byrds

    Mr Tambourine Man (EP 1965) Spanish Pressing with Special Cover – Les Byrds

    Or “El Hombre de la Pandereta” … first Spanish pressing of the Byrds no 1 hit interpretation of Bob Dylan’s classic song … same year as his 1965. Les Byrds first all up.

    45 rpm EP, including All I Really Want to Do. I Knew I’d Want You and Feel a Whole Lot Better. Very good condition.

    Bob Dylan gave his blessing to the recoding before it was released. Dylan’s version ran for over 5 minutes, but the Byrds decided on a version half that length for air play. It was effectively the first “Folk Rock” hit and in a sense created the genre. Using only the second verse and the chorus twice and an additional construction, starting off with a Bach inspired intro the twelve sting guitar effect is a winner. “You can dance to that” … quote Bob Dylan. The Byrds got Hall of Fame recognition … unusual for a cover … but a special one.

    Get out La Panderata tonight …


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  • Sarah Bernhardt – William Embodden (Introduction Sir John Gielgud)

    Sarah Bernhardt – William Embodden (Introduction Sir John Gielgud)

    A first edition published by Studio Vista (part of Cassell), London in 1974.

    Quarto, 176 pages, some signs of age still a very good copy of a excellent work on Bernhardt, not the least for the introduction by Sir John Gielgud.

    Nicely illustrated throughout from period photographs. Includes our image of Sarah as Frou-Frou.

    Accompanied by a useful appendix listing the plays in which she acted chronologically and a healthy bibliography.

    Sarah Bernhardt – well-presented and with exceptional images.


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