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  • Map of Van Diemen’s Land or Tasmania – A.K. Johnston FRGS – 1844

    Map of Van Diemen’s Land or Tasmania – A.K. Johnston FRGS – 1844

    A large scale quality map engraved by W & A.K. Johnston and published in Edinburgh in 1844.

    The cartographer was Alexander Keith Johnston (1804-1871) and it was published in the National Atlas of Historical, Commercial and Political Geography both by the cartographer and his bother William in Edinburgh and by Robert Weir and James Lumsden in Glasgow. Alexander Johnston had been apprenticed to James Kirwood and the great William Home Lizars. His brother, later knighted, became the Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

    Large scale with central fold the printed area 57cm by 47cm. Thick paper and very good condition with strong pastel colouring. The whole of map image is difficult to photograph due to its size so we have scanned various sections on our A3 machine so you can see the extent of the detail and the quality of the map.

    An interesting historical map. The odd historical note is added such as the discovery of Adventure Bay by Furneaux in 1773 and Cook’s anchorage there in 1777; Baudin’s discovery of Oyster Bay in 1802 etc.

    A summary note states “Van Diemen’s Land was discovered by Tasman in 1642 & is hence sometimes called Tasmania, it received its present name in honour of Anthony Vandiemen, Gov General of the Dutch E. indies. It was visited by Cook & Furneaux 1773-7 & was found to be an island by the discovery of the Bass’ Strait, 1798, in 1804 it was formally taken possession of in the name of Britain; and the site HOBART TOWN fixed on for the Capital. Emigration from England began in 1821, when the V.D. Land Bank was established, in 1825 it was declared independant (sic) of N.S. Wales & the chief authority vested in a Lieut. Governor & Council.”

    Tooley reference 780 and Tooley maps of Tasmania 315, National Collection 22985553

    Price $390.00 unframed.

    One of the best maps of the 1840’s a full of interesting detail. Very good condition and would frame to make a significant statement.


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  • Decorative Map of Van Diemen’s Island or Tasmania – Circa 1851 – by John Tallis

    Decorative Map of Van Diemen’s Island or Tasmania – Circa 1851 – by John Tallis

    An original John Tallis map of Van Diemen’s Land – Tasmania. The best example.

    Tallis maps represent the high point of Victorian decorative map making.

    Very good condition 37cm by 27cm. Published by John Tallis & Co, London & New York. The map drawn and engraved by John Rapkin. The illustrations drawn by H Warren and engraved by J Rogers.

    This is the final state of the map with vignettes of Hobart Town (Note on the map referred to as Hobarton), a curious looking Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger, the Van Diemen’s Land Company’s Agent Residence Circular Head in the North West and Numismatic Seal. Note this is the superior issue without the central fold often seen and accepted.

    Refer map authority, R.V. Tooley the “Printed Maps of Tasmania” reference number 428.

    A very good example, nicely an delicately coloured. An important map for any serious Australian map collection

    Price unframed $290.00

    Collectable Tallis Map of Tasmania


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  • Map of the World “Mappmondo” –  Zatta – 1790

    Map of the World “Mappmondo” – Zatta – 1790

    An unusual copper engraved map of the world in two hemispheres by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1790.

    Map dimensions … 26cm by 18cm to the plate mark, 28.5cm by 22.5cm to the edge. Fold marks as issued, page edges slightly askew.

    For the date, post Cook, the depiction of Australia is very strange. Fictitious lines connect Western Australia with the south coast of Tasmania and, from there north east and out to the Solomon Islands and back around to New Guinea. The Gulf of Carpentaria is connect to New Guinea. Australia is named N Olanda. Other curiosities include a strangely drawn Japan and an unnamed Company’s Land peeps out from the extreme north east, for those that are familiar with this curiosity.

    The map appears at first rather basic but on closer inspection one can see topographical features, major mountain ranges are depicted and a number of the worlds major river systems. Uncoloured as it should be. Showing some age but a good honest map of some scarcity and peculiarity.

    Little is known about Antonio Zatta (1757-1797). Even his year of birth and death, usually quoted as above are challenged in some sources which suggest 1722-1804 … maybe the shorter period reflects his map making activity. We can see that this map is by him as his signature appears in the engraving bottom right … we cannot help feel the plate is based on another map, of smaller scale, usually attributed to Giovanni Rizzi Zannoni, also active in Venice during the period.

    Price $320.00 unframed

    Distinctive and Scarce 18th Century World Map with Curiosity


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  • Queensland – The Permo-Carboniferous Coal Formations of Clermont and Associated Formations.

    Queensland – The Permo-Carboniferous Coal Formations of Clermont and Associated Formations.

    Official report by Dunston, Government Geologist published in 1900.

    Foolscap, 18 pages with 1 large folding coloured map, 6 Plates one of which “Geological Plan of Coal Mining Leases at Blair Athol Clermont”’ is in colour and, 7 figures in the etc … tables etc.

    Dunstan’s reports were always of a high standard with a wealth of detail perfectly summarised. Covers Geological formations generally in the broader area and the specifically at Clermont; ; The Blair Athol Coalfield; Collieries and Prospecting Shafts .. Blair Athol, Imbell, Eldorado, Hope, Newcastle Shaft: Sites for future prospecting; Gold Deposits in the Coal Measure; Petrological Notes of Wild-Cat and the Springs etc

    We are particularly intrigued by the suggestion of gold deposits under the coal band near the Hurley’s Creek.

    The folding coloured Geological Map of Clermont is massive and on thick sturdy paper. Approximately 800cm by 700cm with bright pastel colouring in fine condition. We will try to get a decent image of it for anyone interest – just ask.

    Important report on a major resource area in Queensland with superior coloured geological map


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  • Geological Survey Cape York, Horn Island, Possession Island Queensland etc –  C.F.V Jackson 1902 – Excellent Maps

    Geological Survey Cape York, Horn Island, Possession Island Queensland etc – C.F.V Jackson 1902 – Excellent Maps

    Queensland Department of Mines Geological Survey Report No 180.

    Report on a Visit to the West Coast of the Cape York Peninsula and Some Islands of the Gulf of Carpentaria also, Reports on the Horn Island and Possession Island Gold Fields, and the Recent Prospecting of the Cretaceous Coast of the Cook District.

    By C.F.V. Jackson, Assistant Government Geologist.

    Octavo, staple bound. 23 pages with images from photographs and four maps, a broader map of the regions and three folding coloured maps of the South Wellesly Islands (Bentick, Fowler and Sweers); the Horn Island Goldfield and Horn Island. Slight browning to map edges, still a very good copy of a scarce item. Good maps.

    As often the geologist travels significant ground taking in Cox Creek, Wilkinson range, Mitchell River, Wellesly Islands, Horn Island, Possession Island etc with good detail on the topography of the land and various anthropological finds along the way. He discovered aboriginal middens of enormous proportions estimated to have taken several hundred years to form. He mentions bauxite at Weipa … to become one of the world’s largest deposits of that mineral.

    Clements Frederick Vivian Jackson (1873-1955) was a very talented engineer, initially in the Civil file and then Mining. He designed an built bridges over the Bremer River near Ipswich and received the London Institute of Civil Engineers Prize for his bridge over the Burdekin an Charters Towers. He moved into the geology / mining filed and after conducting the work subject to this reports was involved in the geological survey of Western Australia. Returning to Queensland he rose to the highest position, that of State Mining Engineer

    Scarce report on important locations with excellent maps.


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  • Aerial, Geological and Geophysical Survey of Northern Australia – Period Ended 31st December 1936

    Aerial, Geological and Geophysical Survey of Northern Australia – Period Ended 31st December 1936

    A comprehensive report on all undertakings in 1936 covering all regions in Northern Australia … Western Australia, the Territory and Queensland. Published by the Commonwealth Government, Canberra in 1937 – 830 copies produced at the time.

    Folio, 91 pages with 12 large coloured charts at the rear .. some on a massive scaled. All staple bound as issued. Repaired tear to front cover otherwise a near perfect copy, the charts almost as new and the colours very vivid … printed on high grade paper compared with the narrative which is on the usual fragile government stock.

    There so much to describe regarding the content that any attempt to precis is rather daunting. The descriptions of the plates gives a good idea of coverage.

    Plate 1 Geological Sketch Map of the Pilbara District, Western Australia; Plate 2 – ditto Kimberley, WA; Plate 3 ditto Daly River District, Northern Territory; Plate 4 ditto Cloncurry District, Queensland; Plate 5 ditto Croydon Gold-fields, Queensland; Plate 6 Tennant Creek – Peko Area, Northern Territory; Plate 7 – Tennant Creek, Magnetic Survey, Profiles and Drilling Results; Plate 8 Croydon Geophysical Survey; Plate 9 Dugald River, Queensland; Plate 10 Brock’s Creek, Northern Territory; Plate 11 Portland Roads, Queensland; Plate 12 Miscellaneous Profiles.

    Magnificent geological report in terms of its detail and raft of quality coloured geological maps.


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