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  • Queensland – Pugh’s Almanac -1882 – Very rare

    Queensland – Pugh’s Almanac -1882 – Very rare

    The essential publication of the day … Pugh’s Almanac, Law Calendar, Directory, Coast Guide and Gazetteer for 1882

    256 pages followed by 96 pages of business advertisements to the rear and more at the front and the odd one inserted.

    Carries the bookplate of Alan McKiness who was perhaps the greatest ever collector of all things Queensland on paper. Now protected in a sturdy red cloth covered solander case with label to spine. The almanac is in pretty good condition excepting one page which has an ugly stain though not leaked to adjoining.

    Always difficult to give justice to these incredible almanacs which contain so much information that to read from cover to cover would occupy the year. Essential information matted with trivia which we find amusing e.g. on the 11th December 1880 … a Fracas between the editor of Punch J.E. Byrne and F Swanwick MLA in Queen Street. More seriously many fires appear to be reported and a 40 oz gold nugget found at Clermont trumped by a 70 oz nugget found at Nebo. Knighthoods were reported to have been retained (Nothing changes really). Section on Statistics includes livestock analysis by District; Sailing Directions comprehensive and a good chapter on “Progress in the Colony”. As you can imagine near 100 pages of period advertisements make good reading for those that are interested in the history of business in Queensland.

    A good Almanac nicely cased – 1882


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  • Outside Mines of the Charters Towers Goldfield – E.O. Marks – Assist Gov Geologist

    Outside Mines of the Charters Towers Goldfield – E.O. Marks – Assist Gov Geologist

    Queensland Department of Mines Geological Survey by E.O. Marks Assistant Government Geologist dated 1913. In total 21 pages with a very good coloured map of the goldfield and nine plates of multiple photographic images of the “outside mine operations”.

    The first detailed reports of the smaller mining operations since Robert Logan Jack, covering numerous lesser mines such as the Cumberland, Golden Spider, the Warrior Pup, Mabel Jane, Blucher’s Victory, the New Esperanza and the awkwardly named Struggle Mine. Bound inside a strong “Gaylord” binder but with limited library markings.

    An important report with a useful detailed narrative and with the historically important images of the hard worked “Outside Mines”

    Superb Map of Charters Towers ++ Mine Images


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  • Report on British New Guinea, from data and notes by the late Sir peter scratchley, Her Majesty’s special commissioner – 1886

    Report on British New Guinea, from data and notes by the late Sir peter scratchley, Her Majesty’s special commissioner – 1886

    Mr. G. Seymour Fort, private secretary to the late Sir Peter Scratchley, presents a report on British New Guinea, from data and notes by the late Sir Peter Scratchley, her majesty’s special commissioner. A very important document regarding exploration to determine the best approach to problems resulting from annexation, natives, superstition, murder, rape, missionaries, financing and administration.

    The report examines, in great detail; administration and appointment of officers as necessary with the key perspective being the current position of the country, its general characteristics and, somewhat importantly, complaints of the natives against white men and of white men against natives that would require swift resolution. The examination of pressing issues continues including the killing of white men, industry and judicial proceedings, missionaries, minerals, natural products, rainfall, rivers and, a key examination of the special nature of New Guinea’s relationship with Queensland.

    A key piece of colonial New Guinea’s history – Scratchley established a Colony.


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  • Ernest Scott (Ed.) – “Australian Discovery” – in Two Volumes – “By Sea” & “By Land”

    Ernest Scott (Ed.) – “Australian Discovery” – in Two Volumes – “By Sea” & “By Land”

    The editor, Ernest Scott, presents “Australian Discovery”, an examination over two volumes.

    Volume 1 begins with an examination of the mystery of Terra Australis Incognita before moving on to, amongst a great many other important events; Torres and Quiros; Tasman’s discovery of Van Diemen’s Land and New Zealand; Pelsart and the wreck of the Batavia; a Dutch account of New Holland and Van Diemen’s Land; Dampier’s Voyages on the Cygnet, and the Roebuck; Cook in New Zealand and his discovery of Eastern Australia; Bligh and the mutiny on the Bounty; discovery of the Bass Strait; and, Flinder’s discovery of South Australia. Included in this volume are a great many portraits and maps and a chronology of important events covered in great detail throughout the volume.

    Volume 2 begins with Blaxland’s story of the crossing of the Blue Mountains before moving onward to; Evan’s journal of his journey to the Bathurst plains; Governor Macquarie’s report on the country beyond the mountains; Evan’s discovery of the Lachlan; Oxley’s subsequent exploration of the Lachlan and the Macquarie; Evan’s discovery of Castlereigh ; Allan Cunningham’s explorations; Hume and Howell’s journey to Port Phillip; Lockyer’s exploration of the Brisbane river; Sturt’s discovery of the Darling and Murray; Mitchell’s exploration of Australia Felix; Sturt’s journey into central Australia; Eyre’s journey from Fowler’s bay to Albany; The Burke and Wills expedition; Stuart’s journey to central Australia and then across the continent. Again, included in this volume are many delightful portraits and maps, as well as a chronology of these events.

    This two volume set represents a marvelous and comprehensive examination of the discovery and exploration of Australia. The people involved, their impetus and their journeys as their knowledge of the great southern island evolved.


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  • R. Hamlyn-Harris (Ed.) – “Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Vol. V” – 1916

    R. Hamlyn-Harris (Ed.) – “Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Vol. V” – 1916

    R. Hamlyn-Harris presents the fifth volume of Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, issued in Brisbane, 10th July, 1916.

    This work concerns itself with a staggeringly large number of exhibits, pieces and explorations of the Queensland Museum to that date, from fish poisoning and poisons employed among the Aborigines of Queensland to a check-list of Cephalochordates, Selachians, and fish of Queensland. Accompanied by 25 excellent plates, with additional illustrations to accompany each article.

    This scarce and important publication contains articles to delight anyone with an interest in natural history, anthropology or Queensland itself.


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  • Sir Raphael Cilento – “Medicine in Queensland: A Monograph”

    Sir Raphael Cilento – “Medicine in Queensland: A Monograph”

    A compilation of two papers, delivered to the Royal Historical Society of Queensland by Sir Raphael Cilento, Kt., M.D. Published in card wrappers in 1963 by the Royal Historical Society of Queensland. 80 pages in very good condition.

    A historical narrative of the development and evolution of medical institutions in the state of Queensland. Part 1 considers the period 1824 – 1894 and, accompanied by photographs and illustrations considers the medical climate of the period, the state of disease and epidemiology in Queensland and the key figures behind the establishment of hospitals, clinics and other institutions dedicated to medical concerns.

    Part 2 considers the period 1894 – 1962 and considers in keen detail the evolution of medical schools, revolutions in medicine during the post-war period and the transition of medical practice to what was then contemporary.


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