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Original Herculaneium Mezzotint By Vanni – Late 18th Century

Short Description

An original copper engraved hand coloured mezzotint after Vanni depicting antiquities unearthed at Ercolano (Herculaneum) a Roman municipium buried when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in AD79.

Engraved area 24 cm by 12c, with very strong plate mark, excellent condition. Matted ready to frame.

The engraving was included in set of rare books entitled “Le Antichita di Ercolano Espotse” (the Antiquites discovered at Herculaneum) published under the command of Carlo II, King of Naples. They were printed by the Royal Printing House in Naples between 1755 and 1792, This production was the first item published on the excavations and made a major contribution to the formation of the neoclassic style which spread over Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Price $220.00 matted and unframed.

Super classical image.

Price: $220.00

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