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Fine Photograph – Dr David Livingstone. J. G. Tunny, Photographer, Edinburgh Circa 1870’s.

Short Description

Distinguished African Missionary and Explorer, Dr David Livingstone died in 1871. This photograph likely taken just before his final African adventure. He left for Zanzibar in 1866, part of his objective to find the source of the Nile, believing it to be further south than proposed by Burton and Speke. It was in 1870 that Stanley found him with that now famous introduction “Livingstone I presume?”.

The photographer James Good Tunny (1820-1887) was highly regarded and in business for many years. This image was reproduced likely to commemorate news of the death of Livingstone as it references 13 Maitland Street, Edinburgh and 11 Salisbury Place … the latter being Tunny’s second studio and home from 1871 to 1886.

A very good image in carte de visite style, a trifle marked, otherwise a fine albumen print.

Important photograph of the esteemed African Explorer, Dr David Livingstone, possibly commemorative.

Price: $120.00

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