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A View of the Clearings at the Foot of Mount Wellington – Hobart, Tasmania [Vue des Defrichemens. Au pied du mont Wellington (Ile Van Diemen) -1833

Short Description

An original lithograph from a drawing by Louis Sainson (1801-1887) lithographed by Louis Leborne (1796-1863) and published as part of the great “Atlas Historique to Voyage de la Corvette l’Astrolabe under the Command of Dumont d’Urville”. Published in Paris by Tastu in 1833.

Lithographed on sturdy paper imprint size 33cm x 22cm. Embossed stamp of publisher below title. Good condition albeit with some light foxing in the wider margins away from the image. A scarce Hobart image. We cannot find any record of what the buildings represented, although from the extensive wall they could be the Cascades Female Factory

Price $340.00 unframed – rare

Finely engraved and detailed image up Mount Wellington .

Price: $340.00

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