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  • Harmonia Macrocosmica – Andrea Cellarius – A Fine Facsimile by Taschen

    Harmonia Macrocosmica – Andrea Cellarius – A Fine Facsimile by Taschen

    Simple as this … there is no more beautiful book ever produced and this stunning facsimile by Taschen does it proud. “The Finest Atlas of the Heavens” originally issued in 1660.

    An Elephant folio, 235 pages, 53cm by 33cm a quality production. Pictorial paper covered heavy boards, with quarter velvet covered spine with gilt embossed titles. An introduction and text by Cellarius expert Robert Van Gent, directed and produced by Benedikt Taschen.

    This collection of celestial maps by Dutch-German mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius (1596-1665) brings back to life a masterpiece from the Golden Age of celestial cartography. Complete with 29 double-folio maps and many other single page and smaller illustrations.

    We have shown quite a few and wish we could have shown them all. We also wish we had better lighting but you will get the idea!

    The plates depict the systems of Claudius Ptolemy, Nicolaus Copernicus and Tycho Brahe … the motions of the sun, moon and planets and the setting out of the constellations. Superbly embellished with cherubs, astronomers, astronomical instruments etc. of the period … really the most spectacular illustrations in the history of astronomy.

    Robert van Gent in his introduction provides a history of celestial cartography from antiquity to the 17th Century and illuminates the life of Andreas Cellarius. He goes on to put the atlas in context and describe its content in detail.

    Appendices provide a list of constellations with short descriptions of their origin and mythology, a list of star names and glossary of terms.

    The size and weight of this book is such that a further postage supplement may be required dependent on your location. We will try out best to keep costs reasonable .. we always take great care in packing.

    Surely the world’s most beautiful book


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