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  • Sailing Ships and Paddle Wheels – J.C. Bull (Privately Published and of Quality)

    Sailing Ships and Paddle Wheels – J.C. Bull (Privately Published and of Quality)

    Self published in 1974 by Joseph Bull at Metung, Gippsland Lakes, Victoria. The book is really that of his father James Bull and forms two parts the first an autobiography and the second by the author complied from his father’s papers.

    Some fascinating “real life” content about Coastal Colliers; the Bass Strait – Crayfish – Logs and Convicts; the Gippsland Coast and Lakes. What really strikes Voyager about this book is the “tragic quest” for gold in New Guinea. A 30 page account of the voyage of the “Dove” a 50 ton craft built in Tasmania in 1868 – includes an extract from the diary of Captain A.R. Rennie in charge of the Dove Prospecting Expedition. The crew got very ill the boat took in water and had to be abandoned when rescued by the Sir Lancelot which took them onwards to Japan.

    James Bull led and Adventurous Life at Sea


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  • Australasiatic Reminiscences (Leichhardt’s Second Expedition) – Daniel Bunce – First Edition 1857

    Australasiatic Reminiscences (Leichhardt’s Second Expedition) – Daniel Bunce – First Edition 1857

    Published in Melbourne in 1857 by Hendy and printed by W Fairfax. A rare first edition. Full title … Australasiatic Reminiscences of Twenty-three Years’ Wanderings in Tasmania and the Australias; including Travels with Dr Leichhardts in North or Tropical Australia”

    Small duodecimo bound in full calf to a high standard by Roger Perry bookbinders with raised bands and six compartments to spine, blind ruled lines to the boards and spine with rich gilt decorations to compartments and separate red leather title label “Bunce”. Some ageing to the bottom page corners from front to about page 20, thereafter pretty good. Has required adverts bound in at rear including, interestingly, those of Daniel Bunce.

    Leichhardt left no account of the failed second expedition in which it was hoped to cross the continent from east to west. Two members of the party Bunce and Mann later published scarce and sought after reminiscences of the expedition. This is a good example of the (and perhaps more desirable) account of Bunce in a fine leather binding. Refer Wantrup 141 b and Ferguson 7664.

    This book includes Bunce’s work on Tasmania and Victoria. Over half the book is devoted to the Leichhardt expedition – and spills the beans on aspects of Leichhardt’s charcter. Interestingly, Bunce quotes a letter written by Leichhardt after the expedition which includes the following paragraph – “Mr Bunce has seen enough of our life in the bush, and of myself, to judge of the necessary qualifications – activity, good humour, and sound moral principle, elasticity of mind and body, and perfect willingness to obey my orders, even if given harshly, – are the principle requisites for my expedition”.

    Important Exploration Account


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  • Ernest Scott (Ed.) – “Australian Discovery” – in Two Volumes – “By Sea” & “By Land”

    Ernest Scott (Ed.) – “Australian Discovery” – in Two Volumes – “By Sea” & “By Land”

    The editor, Ernest Scott, presents “Australian Discovery”, an examination over two volumes.

    Volume 1 begins with an examination of the mystery of Terra Australis Incognita before moving on to, amongst a great many other important events; Torres and Quiros; Tasman’s discovery of Van Diemen’s Land and New Zealand; Pelsart and the wreck of the Batavia; a Dutch account of New Holland and Van Diemen’s Land; Dampier’s Voyages on the Cygnet, and the Roebuck; Cook in New Zealand and his discovery of Eastern Australia; Bligh and the mutiny on the Bounty; discovery of the Bass Strait; and, Flinder’s discovery of South Australia. Included in this volume are a great many portraits and maps and a chronology of important events covered in great detail throughout the volume.

    Volume 2 begins with Blaxland’s story of the crossing of the Blue Mountains before moving onward to; Evan’s journal of his journey to the Bathurst plains; Governor Macquarie’s report on the country beyond the mountains; Evan’s discovery of the Lachlan; Oxley’s subsequent exploration of the Lachlan and the Macquarie; Evan’s discovery of Castlereigh ; Allan Cunningham’s explorations; Hume and Howell’s journey to Port Phillip; Lockyer’s exploration of the Brisbane river; Sturt’s discovery of the Darling and Murray; Mitchell’s exploration of Australia Felix; Sturt’s journey into central Australia; Eyre’s journey from Fowler’s bay to Albany; The Burke and Wills expedition; Stuart’s journey to central Australia and then across the continent. Again, included in this volume are many delightful portraits and maps, as well as a chronology of these events.

    This two volume set represents a marvelous and comprehensive examination of the discovery and exploration of Australia. The people involved, their impetus and their journeys as their knowledge of the great southern island evolved.


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  • Poor Souls They Perished – Lemon & Morgan

    Poor Souls They Perished – Lemon & Morgan

    Published by Hargreenin 1986 a well researched and thoughtfully illustrated account in very good condition.

    In 1845 the Cataraqui went down in the Bass Strait with the loss of 400 souls – only 9 survived (saved by an ex-convict) despite the wreck being stranded just 150 yards from King Island.

    Worst Australian Wreck


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  • Mann’s Australian Provinces  – First Edition 1839 – Montgomery Martin’s Copy

    Mann’s Australian Provinces – First Edition 1839 – Montgomery Martin’s Copy

    Mann’s Australian Provinces – Six Years Residence in the Australian Provinces Ending in 1839; Exhibiting their Capabilities of Colonisation and Containing the History, Trade, Population, Extent, Resources etc of New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land, South Australia and Port Philip, with an Account of New Zealand

    Published by Smith Elder & Co London 1839 first edition and in good condition. In original green cloth binding with gilt title and kangaroo and platypus motif to spine (very rare in original binding). 360 pages plus adverts and folding map coloured in outline at front.

    Mann wrote his comprehensive account of his Australian visit on his voyage back to England. It includes a number of matters of historical interest including dealings with the last of the Tasmanian aborigines and very forthright views on the position and operations of The Van Diemen’s Land Company and The Australian Agricultural Company.

    Montogomery Martin’s copy with his bold full signature – note this book published the same year as Montgomery Martin’s “History of Australasia” as part of the British Colonial Library series. See Voyager’s good copy of that book on this website.

    An important and rare early record in original binding and with exceptional provenance.


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  • The Tasmanians – Robert Travers

    The Tasmanians – Robert Travers

    First edition published 1968 by Cassell in very good condition

    Travers’ honest account of the extinction of a unique race of people the Tasmanian aboriginal.

    A race extinguished


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