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  • Arthur Phillip – First Governor of New South Wales – Early Mezzotint c1790′s

    Arthur Phillip – First Governor of New South Wales – Early Mezzotint c1790′s

    A well-executed copper engraving using the mezzotint technique, of First Governor Arthur Phillip from the original German publication of his First Fleet Journal.

    Arthur Phillip (1738-1814) was appointed Governor designate of the new Colony to be formed in New South wales. His First Fleet arrived in January 1788 and he selected Port Jackson as the first settlement having decided Botany Bay was unsuitable. He returned to England in 1792 an was succeeded by John Hunter.

    Dimensions 20cm by 12cm with a strong plate impression an clear bold printing. Framed would make a nice library item for a First Fleet follower.

    Price $75.00 unframed.

    Nice historic image of Arthur Phillip.


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  • Topographical Maps – P.D.A. Harvey

    Topographical Maps – P.D.A. Harvey

    Full title … “The History of Topographical Maps – Symbols, Pictures and Surveys.

    Small quarto, a first edition published by Thames and Hudson, London in 1908. 199 Pages with 116 illustrations some in colour.

    The author Professor of Medieval History at Durham University and had previously been Assistant Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum.

    A super intriguing book which focuses on some rather are and obscure examples which makes stand out from more general book on cartography. Classical imagery in maps, bird’s-eye views, the Medieval approach .. with interesting images from Europe, the Far East and India. Surveys from the earliest scale-maps into 16th Century Europe … we love it.

    The dust jacket front image is from an 18th century atlas of the Kiangsi Province, China.

    Beautiful book with special high level content. A cartographers delight.



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  • The Southseaman – Life-story of a Schooner – Weston Martyr

    The Southseaman – Life-story of a Schooner – Weston Martyr

    A later edition, 1949 of a book first issued in the 1920’s. Published by Blackwood, Edinburgh and London.

    Octavo, 327 with frontispiece of the yacht and illustrations, mainly technical sketches throughout. Very good condition albeit some nibbling to the dust jacket crease … rare to still have the jacket though.

    Joseph Weston Martyr (1885-1966) was some character. This is his first book about the design and building of a schooner yacht in the fishing port of Shelbourne Nova Scotia. The description of which should please any yachting tragic. Later in the book he sails for Bermuda and the vessel eventually is involved in rum-running … the times.

    Martyr had an interesting life … ran a shipping business in New York, mined in South Africa and adventures in China and the South Pacific. He sailed in the Bermuda yacht races which inspired him to create the challenging Fastnet Race off the south west coat of England.

    Martyr’s first book a bit of a classic.


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  • The Discovery of Norfolk Island – James Cook – 1774  Anniversary Medal 1974

    The Discovery of Norfolk Island – James Cook – 1774 Anniversary Medal 1974

    A fine medal numbered 30 of an issue of only 355, on the rim.

    On his second voyage to the Pacific, James Cook discovered Norfolk Island on the 10th October 1774. He named it after the Duchess of Norfolk, wife of Edward Howard the 6th Earl.

    High relief medal in oxidised silver, 57mm diameter, 88gm weight.

    Fine portrait of James Cook with 200th Anniversary 1774-1974 around. On the reverse a map of the island with higher regions marked in relief and a huge Norfolk Pine, one of the great attractions of the island, for ships masts. Cook’s landing point, on the north shore, is marked as is the line of latitude 29 degree south. Also a fine image of Cook’s vessel HMS Resolution. Narrative details of the discovery complete the surround.

    Scarce medal for the James Cook collector, strong relief


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  • The Mapmakers Art (Essays on the History of Maps) – Edward Lynam

    The Mapmakers Art (Essays on the History of Maps) – Edward Lynam

    There seems to be a posthumous book for every Head of the Maps Room at the British Museum.

    This one from the work of Edward Lynam who preceded Skelton (see our copy of his posthumous book). Perry’s copy with his signature.

    Published by the Batchworth Press, London a first edition1953. Small quarto 140 pages nicely illustrated throughout with some map images that rarely appear elsewhere. A couple of chips to the dust jacket, a very goo copy considering the age and likely use.

    We like this one a lot … the angle being an early and unusual approach to map making with an aesthetic appeal. Starts with the Character of England in Maps; Period Ornament, writing and Symbols on Maps; Saxton; Flemish Engravers; William Hack and the South Sea Buccaneers [Magnificent]; Early Days in the Bahamas etc.

    Finishes with a full list of books and articles by Edward Lynam

    Voyager Favourite – a unique approach.


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  • By the Wind (The Voyage of the Bengairn) – Captain J Murray Lindsay

    By the Wind (The Voyage of the Bengairn) – Captain J Murray Lindsay

    Published 1962 by Rigby, Adelaide. A first edition 238 pages with a good dust jacket. A very good copy of a hard to get and worthwhile book on proper sailing.

    Surprisingly scarce and a very interesting book – the account of the brass-bound apprentice on the square-rigged Bengairn in 1915. The outward route South America across the roaring 40′s to Hobart then on the Seattle and back to Liverpool Round the Horn… and a nice Chapter on the way “the Great Highway” to Hobart.

    In Hobart the young lad had a good time with the girls and was ever so close to leaving his ship … the lure of the sea prevailed.

    Lots of adventure …. difficulties near the Auckland Islands, an encounter with a U-boat (it was 1915), shanghai-ing of sailors …

    Special sailing from Lindsay from Apprentice to Captain


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