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  • Bluenose II: Saga of the Great Fishing Schooners –  L.B. Jenson

    Bluenose II: Saga of the Great Fishing Schooners – L.B. Jenson

    A highly respected work published by Nimbus, Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1994.

    Landscape 36cm by 28cn perfect bound soft cover with illustrated card covers. 125 pages magnificently illustrated throughout, minimal creasing lower right from pages turning, otherwise a very good copy.

    The original Bluenose Schooner was designed by W.J. Roue and built in 1921 at the Smith and Rhuland Shipyard, Lunenburg. It was a cracker. In 1962 the Oland family commissioned the building of Bluenose II, a replica, and one of the last two-masted schooners.

    L.B. Jenson, a noted marine artist and historic illustrator produced this dedicated work. Measured drawings have been carefully reproduced and checked whilst Bluenose II was fully rigged and a working vessel. We have her decks, fittings and housings … booms, gaffs, bowsprit, rigging etc. Supported by illustrations of the vessel under sail. Drawings of the hull, masts and sails, nothing left out for the marine enthusiast. Additionally, Jenson has provided an illustrated history of the fishery.

    Bluenose II a dying breed – beautifully described and drawn.


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  • Polar Gleams – An account of a Voyage on the Yacht “Blencathra”  [An Arctic Voyage] – Helen Peel – First Edition 1894

    Polar Gleams – An account of a Voyage on the Yacht “Blencathra” [An Arctic Voyage] – Helen Peel – First Edition 1894

    The author Helen Peel was the granddaughter of Sir Robert Peel, twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

    With a Preface by The Marquess of Dufferin and Ava and contributions by Joseph Wiggins and Frederick G. Jackson.

    A first edition published in the same year in the UK and the USA. This is the American first by McClurg, Chicago, 1894.

    Large Octavo, 211 pages, cloth covered boards with bright silver gilt titling to front and spine, with walrus head design on spine. Burgundy end paper, portrait frontispiece with signature facsimile. 15 other illustrations and two maps – the Sea Route to Siberia and the Great Siberian Railway. Re-cased, original spine laid down, very clean inside a nice copy of a very rare item.

    The acknowledged adventurer the Marquess of Dufferin was the godfather of the adventurous Helen Peel. He admired her vigour and abilities in putting together this account of the Arctic voyage of the Blencathra that he provided his esteemed and thoughtful Preface.

    From Britain through the northern Norwegian waters, the Barents and Kara Seas, up the Yenisei River to Gol’chikha and back to Archangel in the farthest reaches of Siberia… much interaction with Laps and Samoyeds.

    The Blencathra (then named HMS Newport) was built in 1867 in the Pembroke Dockyard. Part of the Philomel class – a wooden screw gun vessel, with a single two-cylinder single expansion, single screw steam engine. She was the first ship to pass through the Suez Canal. She was bought by F.W. Laybourne-Popham in 1890 as a yacht. He had an interest in Arctic waters and appointed Joseph Wiggins as Captain for a voyage, the subject of this book. The whole exercise turned into a commercial one with the organisation of support vessels and the transport of rails for the Trans-Siberian Railway. Later the yacht was used by William Speirs Bruce and new owner Major Andrew Coats to cruise the Arctic as far as Novaya Zemyla and Kolguyev and then Spitzbergen. It was later purchased by the Russians who lost it near Franz Josef Land.

    Rare Arctic Voyage – Unusual Author and Pedigree – Hard Working and Fated Polar Vessel.



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  • Wind Aloft Wind Alow – Marin-Marie

    Wind Aloft Wind Alow – Marin-Marie

    Single-handed crossings of the Atlantic under sail and then under power.

    Translated from the French, this edition 1947 by Peter Davies, London. Octavo, 322 pages. Book and jacket have received a scrunch in the top right, internally very clean. Jacket now in Brodart, a good copy. Nicely illustrated, some from the authors accomplished paintings

    Marin-Marie was the appointed “Painter to the French Ministry of Marine”. This is his super account of the Atlantic crossings first by sail in the Winnibelle and the under power in the Arielle. Sail occupying two thirds of the book. At the time he was the first to go it alone all the way across under power.

    A book full of the marine … quite technical in places re automatic steering, engines etc

    Marin-Marie twice across sail and power.



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  • A Voyage in the Sunbeam – Lady Brassey – 1894

    A Voyage in the Sunbeam – Lady Brassey – 1894

    Published by Longmans London 1894., an early edition of Lady Brassey’s popular voyage account.

    A Voyage in the Sunbeam – Our home on the Ocean for Eleven Months. Thick octavo, 492 pages, plus extensive publisher’s catalogue. With 66 illustrations engraved on wood by G Pearson from drawings by the Hon A.Y. Bingham.

    Described as a “new edition” in a popular form. The voyage from England takes in Madeira, Teneriffe, Cape de Verde and across to Rio. The River Plate and … life in the Pampas. Round the Horn to Chili and Santiago and Valparaiso and off west to the South Sea Islands, and Tahiti, Hawaii, and across to Yokohama. Canton and the Pearl River, Singapore, Ceylon and then to Aden the Suez and home. Not quite as easy or as blunt as that!

    A superb account of the circumnavigation of the Sunbeam in 1876/7 the first of the Sunbeam voyages.

    Affordable Sunbeam – Lady Brassey – a Travel Classic


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  • The Crossing of the Copula – Jean Filloux – First English Edition 1955

    The Crossing of the Copula – Jean Filloux – First English Edition 1955

    A first English edition of Filloux’s adventure in the North Atlantic, translated by Gretchen Besser.

    Published by Collins. London in 1955. Octavo, 253 pages plus diagrams of the vessel, nicely illustrated throughout with images from photographs taken on the voyage. End paper maps on which one has dates written by a previous owner, helpful we think. A couple of snags to what is a complete dust jacket, a pretty good copy.

    Filloux, a penniless young engineer took a berth on the Copula, a 47 foot catamaran rigged like a Chinese Junk. They took their time. Thirteen months, to voyage from Bordeaux o New York … with time off in the Canaries (forced on them) and in the Windies having reached Martinique (chosen plan). Well written unusual account

    Copula across the Atlantic an round the Windies – not your usual vessel or adventurer.


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  • The Kon-Tiki Expedition – Thor Heyerdahl (With Original Photograph of the Raft)

    The Kon-Tiki Expedition – Thor Heyerdahl (With Original Photograph of the Raft)

    Well certainly not a rare book, probably the biggest selling modern maritime adventure book. But a very good copy.

    A 1959 edition by which time it had already run to 23 impressions. Octavo, 235 pages with eighty odd photographic images.

    Thor Heyerdahl set off on the most amazing raft voyage with five companions determined to prove his migration theories. This account, praised by Somerset Maugham as “an incredible adventure which happens to be true. It would be a very dull reader who did not admire and envy the courage of the six men who took part in it”. Very good copy.

    We also have what appears to be an original photograph of the raft on its way … the camera work is rather shaky so clearly taken from another vessel.

    Leaving Callao in Peru for Tahiti, they almost made it running aground on the Raroia Reef were the raft was smashed to smithereens.

    Kon-Tiki nice copy with photograph.


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