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The Cruise of Her Majesty’s Ship “Challenger” – William J.J. Spry – 1877

Short Description

An 1877 second edition of William James Joseph Spry’s book about the Challenger Expedition, the most important and certainly largest 19th Century Scientific Expedition.

Published by Sampson Low etc London. This is the larger format of the work. Octavo, 388 pages with 46 black and white illustrations and large folding chart showing the track and activities of H.M.S. Challenger. Original binding in good condition, albeit an inoffensive ink mark to the front edge, gilt design to front , and titles design to spine bright and fresh. A very good copy of this desirable work.

Written as a journal, it reads very well. We progress from England to Lisbon and Gibraltar and on to the Canary Islands. Across to the West indies, then on to the Azores and south to St Paul’s Rock, Tristan d’Acuhna and the Cape. Then south towards the Antarctic Circle and the Crozet, Kerguelen and Heard Islands and some tricky manoeuvring when in among the icebergs with storms around. To Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand. Out into the Pacific to Fiji, New Hebrides and back to Cape York and through to the Moluccas. Up to Japan and eventually back east across the Pacific round the Horn and home. Dredging and measuring all the way in a manner never repeated .. but with plenty of interesting remarks about the land and the people along the way.

Challenger gave its name to the deepest Ocean and the best means of space travel.

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