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Tender is the Night – F Scott Fitzgerald – First UK Revised Edition – Grey Walls Press 1953

Short Description

There are two versions of “Tender”. Scott Fitzgerald was unhappy with the result of his first writing published in 1934. And it was not very successful at the time selling only 12,000 copies.

Before his death he revised the text and left numerous notes and mark-up’s as well as a complete re-ordering of the work. His friend and literary critic Malcolm Cowley took the notes and helped re-publish the work consistent with Fitzgerald’s wishes.

Published by Grey Walls Press, London 1953. Octavo, 418 pages. Contents include an xi-page introduction by Cowley which explains the context and corrections. Pages 1 through 392 represent the novel and at the rear through to page 418 we have notes on the manuscripts ... genuinely interesting and informative.

The book is in fine with a complete fine unclipped dust jacket. We have followed this scarce book for years and never come across a better copy.

In 1932 Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda was hospitalised with metal health issues. Fitzgerald lived near by and started a novel about Dick Diver a promising young psychiatrist and his wife Nicole who also was one of his patients. The story line mirroring his and Zelda’s own lives. The original issue of Tender used flashbacks making the narrative awkward to follow. This revised edition based on Fitzgerald’s notes and mark-up is re-set in chronological order. Fitzgerald regarded “Tender” as his best work.

First UK Revised Edition by the special Grey Walls Press, London. With the unique dust jacket by Edward Pagram. A real treasure.

Price: $340.00

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