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[Tasmania] Letters of G.P. Harris 1803-1812 – Barbara Hamilton-Arnold

Short Description

Only edition published by the Arden Press, Victoria in 1994. A super copy.

Softcover, 158 pages, nicely illustrated some in colour from original period paintings. A very nice production despite soft cover.

George Prideaux Harris was a young lawyer was appointed Deputy Surveyor General of New South Wales. He came out with David Collins on the Calcutta and after the brief abandoned stay at Port Phillip ended up at the establishment of Hobart in Van Diemens’s Land.

His has a special interest in natural history and was an accomplished artist. He identified new species including the Tasmanian Devil and the Thylacine. He explored the Derwent and Huon Rivers and the lakes areas of the Central Highlands.

The letters contain real substance and are mostly to his mother and sister back in Exeter, and to his brothers in London.

George Prideaux Harris we have to thank him for his Letters

Price: $40.00

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