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Sikes’ Hydrometer – Made by Hicks of Hatton Garden, London for Osborn & Jerdan, Sydney c1900

Short Description

A lovely classic Sikes hydrometer in a near pristine fitted mahogany case (25cm x 12cm x 6cm), original plush lining, with original bone plate engraved “Sikes’ Hydrometer made by J.J. Hicks, London for Osborn & Jerden Ltd Sydney” and decorative bone inlay surround.

The hydrometer float and all the weights carrying the same identification number (13573) – the float is engraved Sikes.

The bone backed thermometer is intact, working and in incredibly good condition. It is engraved the same as the case plate.

This is an upmarket version as there are also two boxwood rules for assisting in the calculations of proof etc. Both are marked with the makers name and address at 8,9 & 10 Hatton Garden, London.

Everything is in super condition.

There is a similar example at the Powerhouse, part of the Allan Bromley Collection.

James Joseph Hicks (1837-1916) first traded at 8 Hatton Gardens in the 1870’s. He expanded into adjoining premises in the 1890’s, so we would date this instrument c1900. Hicks had been apprenticed to L.P. Casella, fine instrument makers, also in the Hatton Garden district, in 1852. By 1860 he had risen to foreman and from that date a number of patents are registered in his name. Once in business under his own name he developed and manufactured numerous instrument types particularly in meteorology and industrial control instruments, such as the Sikes.

Osborn & Jerden were a highly successful Sydney outfit, the successors of Frost and Shipham. They were described as scientific opticians and electricians. They also sold upmarket scientific toys, magic lanterns and slides, photographic equipment, telephones, phonographs etc. They had the best Christmas window in Sydney. In 1907 C Byers Coates who worked for Osborn & Jerden was the cinematographer for “Robbery Under Arms” one of Australia’s earliest movies. The film was processed at their George Street facility.

See our research for a brief explanation on the Sikes' Hydrometer.

Fine and complete Sikes’ Hydrometer with rules – Quality maker and special Sydney retailer.

Price: $320.00

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