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Sikes Hydrometer by Buss – Hatton Garden, London – c1900

Short Description

A lovely classic Edwardian Sikes hydrometer sold by and with the bone plate of Buss of 48 Hatton Gardens, London.

The float and all the weights carrying the same identification number – the float is engraved Buss. The bone backed thermometer also engraved with makers name and address. The plush lined box is as original no damage – a rarity.

The Houses of Parliament in England wanted a better and more reliable hydrometer to use as an instrument for levying duty on beer, wine and spirits. Various glass instruments based on Robert Boyle's principles were in use - none too reliable or trustworthy. So they ran a competition similar to that for the solution to the Longitude - won by Harrison and his chronometer. Sikes won this one with his rather beautiful looking instrument and it became enshrined in the legislation that the Sikes method should be used.

Complete quality Hydrometer – love it!

Price: $290.00

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