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Rare Cased Free-Standing Gould Type Microscope – Likely Dollond of London, circa 1840.

Short Description

Most Gould style microscopes screw directly into the case on assembly. This example has its own folding stand and working rack and pinion focus.

We can find two examples in the collection of the Royal Microscopical Society, London collection. They appear on pages 83 and 84 of the standard reference. First one c1845 by Duncan of Aberdeen, which with its mahogany box is very similar to our example excepting the foot which is a four-limb folding foot. The second example by Dollond has the three-limb folding foot and the clamp ring for holding slide firmly, the arm between the pillar and the body tube is different, regarding that ours is more like the Aberdeen example.

Whilst the microscope is a offered as a collection item for display it still works and is usable, there are limitations.

There are six objectives, only two, a low and medium/high power, contain operative lenses; they work well. The objectives screw into the bottom of the body tube and in turn screw into the arm. All threads are fine. The eye piece screws into the body tube, not a push fit, another sign of quality.

All other parts assemble well with no wobble. The rack and pinion flows evenly from top to bottom. The mirror has a blemish but still provides enough light. There is a live cell in good condition. A tiny threaded brass canister contains tiny round cover slips used with the old slides, an absolute rarity.

There are five bone slides 84mm of which only three retain any sign of contents; they are numbered. The mahogany box is a nice one, plush lined in burgundy, polished flame veneered. Original lock but missing key. Fitted cabinet work showing age with some chips and minor losses, still protects the parts well. The bottom drawer is aged with some loss near the lock in the floor but again a rarity.

Second Quarter 19th Century Gould Style Microscope. Scarce a special collector’s item.

Price: $440.00

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