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Polar Manual – E. E. Hedblom

Short Description

Prepared and published in 1961 under the auspices of the U.S. Naval Medical School by Captain Hedblom of the Department of Cold Weather Medicine.

Cold Weather Oceanographer, Patrick Arnaud’s Copy

The author held a number of distinguished relevant positions including Staff Surgeon, Commander Naval Support Force Antarctica 1955-1959.

Quatro, 133 pages after preliminaries. Some useful illustrations in the form of charts, diagrams etc. Sound advice under the following general headings … Living Condition; Selection of Personnel; Physiology; Hygiene; Psychological Adjustment; Clothing; Nutrition; Sanitation; Sled Dogs; Visual Disabilities; Cold Injuries; Medical Supplies; Safety; Survival; Polar Do’s and Don’ts; Antarctic Mortality and a relevant Bibliography.

Makes for interesting reading and not just for the medically inclined. We learned that for sure if lost one should stay in the same place and wait to be found … but keep moving ... and aircraft accident are the biggest cause of death so stay out of the sky. Alcohol at this time still highly recommended but gin was the recommended tipple, suggestions that on the occasional too much is consumed by some ... and Cape Hallett although most of the year is sub-zero was nicknamed the “Banana Belt” by the “Pole Cats”.

Patrick Arnaud (1939-2016) was born in Paris and after graduating was accepted, as oceanographer, on the 1961-1963 expedition wintering over on Adelie Land, Antarctic … at the Dumont d’Urville base. He went again to the Antarctic in 1964 to complete his work. He was the author of over 200 scientific papers on his subject. He spent several years as a member of the Editorial Board of the Polar Record.

Essential Polar Advice – Arnaud’s Copy

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