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Must We Fight? – Ion L. Idriess – First Edition, Signed, Rare, Very Good Condition

Short Description

A very good copy of a scarce Ion Idriess book. Published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney in 1939. Signed boldly by Idriess on the Title Page … “To Mrs Van Cleef with cheery memories from Australia – Ion L Idriess Sydney 1939”. Van Cleef was the wife of a wealthy Chicago industrialist that had connections with Idriess.

Octavo, 223 pages, complete dust jacket albeit a bit browned at spine and around edges otherwise clean. Very clean internally bar a mark bottom inside title. Endpaper maps – “Australia in the Pacific” to front and strange one at rear “An Arresting Comparison: Australia and the European Countries Drawn to Scale”.

In some ways a prophetic book. The Authors Note starts … “This book is written simply because our country may be in danger …”. WWI veteran Idriess saw danger in the Pacific. Chapter headings help understand the flow of the book … a selection… How will the Enemy Come?; Action in Defence; Defending our Cities; Dodging Bomb and Shell Fire; Fighting at Darwin or New Zealand; Should the Dutch east Indies Fall; Protecting the Isolated States; Fighting from Cover; Trained Man versus Untrained; Deadly Shooting; The Sniper; Australia Needs Submarines; Australia’s Land Bridget to Asia; Defence Could Develop New Industries etc.

We wonder how this book was received at the time … maybe the fact that Idriess was called to produce succinct accounts about fighting techniques after war broke out, tells us that top brass thought highly of this work.

Signed sought after Idriess first edition.

Price: $390.00

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