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Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Vol VI December 1918 – Scarce and Controversial

Short Description

This edition had been delayed by the consequences of WWI and as such contained material intended to be published in 1917. It contains a remarkable body of work but is controversial for the content it includes regarding aboriginal people. It is a fine line … we continue to sell it in the hope it contains between the lines some useful anthropological information that deserves to be preserved … we suspect it does.

Largish size, 25cm by 19cm, light card covers, 174 pages, with 32 full page plates not included in the pagination. The main body in very good condition, the covers have seen better days and are now re-enforced at the spine and susceptible to edge chipping.

Contents include … Notes on Certain Human Crania in the Queensland Museum; Queensland Ethnological Notes; On Message Sticks employed among Queensland Aborigines (A super article); Notes on Some Queensland and Papuan reptiles; Edible Fishes in Queensland (Special Plates); Bees Collected in Queensland etc.

The plates include four of Crania in the Museum, a troublesome plate ... suckling young dingo; many good ones on message sticks and twenty odd full-page plates of fish all finely engraved.

Despite its challenges, extremely scarce and, one for the scholar and collector to decide.

Price: $190.00

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