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Keith Miller – Signed letter three days before the First Ashes Test in Brisbane November 1954

Short Description

The great Keith Miller was getting near the end of his test career and was overlooked as Captain for this Ashes series in Australia.

At the time he was the main writer for the Sydney based “Sporting Life”. Here he is writing to Sri Lankan identity Percy Samarawickrama.

On Sporting Life letterhead …

Dear Percy

Many thanks for your kind thought in sending along the drawing which I thought excellent.

We start the Test against England on Friday and I think the games should be fairly even.

So far the English batsmen have failed, but they are too good to miss out for much longer.

Anyway, Percy many thanks again, it was appreciated.

Your sincerely
Keith Miller

Envelope post marked 22nd November 1954. The first Test of the 1954/55 ashes series was to begin four days later on Friday 26th November at Brisbane.

Miller made a good contribution with bat and ball despite being injured for the second Test. The Brisbane Test went Australia’s way and they lead the series before Sydney. Captained by Len Hutton England fought back, both through the bat as Miller suggests but, and also through the ball. England’s new terrific fast bowler Typhoon Tyson took 28 wickets in a Series won by England 3:1.

Cricket legend Keith Miller forecasts an improvement in the English batting line up, but not the “Typhoon”, four days before the first Ashes Test 1954.

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