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First maps of the Hunter Group in the Bass Strait, Maria Island off the east coast of Tasmania, King Island in the Bass Strait and islands in the Bonaparte Archipelago, North West Australia – Louis de Freycinet – 1811

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An original copper engraving” Plan des Iles Hunter par M.M. Freycinet at Boullanger, an 1802. Plan de l’Ile Maria par Boullanger, an 1802. Plan de l’lle King par M. Faure, an 1802.Plan del’Archipel Bonaparte (a la Nouvelle-Hollande) par M.M. L. Freycinet, Ronsard et Boulanger, 1801 et 1803.

The map is by Louis Claude Desaulses de Freycinet (1779-1842). Plate No 5 from the atlas of his maps from the Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres Australes (Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands) published by Langlois in Paris, in 1811.

The French had intended to colonise Australia. The first volume of this work was published in 1807. The second volume which contained the maps was in 1811 still three years before Flinders.

Three maps on one sheet, thick sturdy paper, strong plate mark, excellent definition. Sheet dimensions 35.1cm by 26.1 cm. each individual map 10.4 cm by 8.4 cm. Quite a number of interesting features not the least the suggestion that the now Robbins Island is still connected to north west Tasmania.

Tooley reference Map, 614

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Freycinet accompanied Nicholas Baudin on his famous voyage to complete the French mapping of Australia. Baudin leader aboard Le Geographie and Freycinet aboard Le Naturaliste. Whilst in Sydney Baudin sent the Naturalist home with the records of their effort so far and purchased a vessel from Philip Gidley King, the Casuarina, which he placed under Freycinet’s command. Baudin died on the final voyage home and the task of writing up the travels fell to the naturalist Francois Peron. Sadly, he in turn died before completing the work and the mantle was passed to Louis Freycinet who completed that task and produced the magnificent accompanying atlas.


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