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First Annual Report of the Acclimatisation Society of Southern Queensland – 1897 – Robert Logan Jack’s Copy

Short Description

Fragile yet very scarce original report published at Warwick, Queensland in 1897. Printed at the Argus in Palmerin Street, Warwick.

The principal object of the Society was to introduce fish (trout), birds (pheasant, partridge, quail) for the purposes of promoting gentlemanly country pursuits.

Famed geologist, explorer, and author Robert Logan Jack’s copy with his signature clear top right front cover despite edge chipping,

The report covers the year ending 31st July 1897 and includes a Balance Sheet with Appendices. The Office Bearers are listed on the front cover … the President being His Excellency Lord Lamington.

13 pages starting with a nice plan of the Society’s facilities during establishment at Killarney. The narrative report includes Finance; Work of the Society; Fish; Birds all dealt with by the Chairman Arthur Morgan. Then a “Report of the Manager” W.G. Morris regarding his achievements to date … which include the building of a “substantial 4-roomed Veranda Cottage, in which I reside”. A list of Rainbow and Brown trout distributed to several rivers is provided. Those of an accounting bent will notice that the Balance Sheet takes the form of a Statement of Receipts and Expenditure and appears to be in the red … well that’s start ups for you.

A curious rather unique Queensland item – Logan Jack’s Copy.

Price: $90.00

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