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Elements of Agricultural Chemistry – Humphry Davy – First Edition 1813

Short Description

A first edition of this important scientific work by (Sir) Humphry Davy (1788-1829).

Published by Longmans, London in 1813. Presented as a series of lectures in the subject.

Quarto, bound in three quarter leather over marbled boards, separate leather title. Pages viii, 323, lxiii, 5, with ten engraved plate one large and folding. Some foxing and age as always.

Knighted later, Davy was the leading chemist of the day. He worked with early batteries and possessed what was the most powerful battery at the time which he used in his often flamboyant lectures.

He is widely attributed with the discovery of electrochemistry and isolated many elements for the first time particularly the alkaline metal … sodium, potassium, lithium etc. After this work he invented the miners safety lamp that takes his name and which has saved thousands of lives.

He later became the President of the Royal Society and took on Michael Faraday as his assistant and note taker. They were both injured in experiments involving the explosive Nitrogen trichloride … a chemical that can be formed in swimming baths through the interaction of Chlorine and Urine.

Humphry Davy the most respected scientist of the period – his lectures and the chemistry of agriculture .. and don’t pee in the pool!

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