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Edinburgh University Bronze Medal for Chemistry – Awarded in 1882

Short Description

Edinburgh University issued a series of medals in its esteemed Medical and Science faculty in the late Victorian years.

This medal was awarded to E. E. Pritchard for chemistry in 1881/82. His name clearly engraved on the verso of the medal.

Bronze, 51mm in diameter weighing 75gms and in fine condition, nice patina. The medal is noted in Chapter V of the Catalogue of the Medals of Scotland by R.W. Cochran-Patrick [the accepted authority].

The highly decorative obverse shows the arms of the University [with Saltire; Castle; Book and Thistle] within a trefoil, surrounded by the legend … ACAD. IACOB.VI.SCOT.REG.EDIN in a font of the period of its founding 1582/82 or perhaps earlier to our eye.

For those confused by the abbreviation read … Academy of James VI Scottish King Edinburgh.

See British Museum Collection for a similar example.

Rather scarce science medal from distinguished University of Edinburgh.

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