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Cartesian Sensors by Professor Sir Harold Jeffreys

Short Description

A second printing 1952 of Jeffreys formidable book on Cartesian Tensors first published in 1931.

Published by Cambridge University Press, where Professor Jeffreys was all things mathematical. He was assisted in the work by fellow mathematical guru Dr Bertha Swirles who by the time of this re-issue had become his wife. Just imagine their conversations.

Octavo, 92 pages plus index. Complete original dust jacket albeit some foxing which is also in the ends ... otherwise clean and a pretty good copy.

Seemingly, Cartesian axes reduce the complexity of most of the formulae of the theory of relativity. Logically presented … Geometrical Applications; Particle Dynamics; Dynamics of Rigid Bodies; Equivalence of Systems of Forces; Continuous Systems; Isotropic Tensors; Elasticity and Hydrodynamics

Incidentally, unlike Arne Saknussemm, Herbert Jeffreys really did discover the Centre of the World.

Conquer tensors with Jeffreys

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