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By the Wind (The Voyage of the Bengairn) – Captain J Murray Lindsay

Short Description

Published 1962 by Rigby, Adelaide. A first edition 238 pages with a good dust jacket. A very good copy of a hard to get and worthwhile book on proper sailing.

Surprisingly scarce and a very interesting book – the account of the brass-bound apprentice on the square-rigged Bengairn in 1915. The outward route South America across the roaring 40's to Hobart then on the Seattle and back to Liverpool Round the Horn... and a nice Chapter on the way "the Great Highway" to Hobart.

In Hobart the young lad had a good time with the girls and was ever so close to leaving his ship ... the lure of the sea prevailed.

Lots of adventure .... difficulties near the Auckland Islands, an encounter with a U-boat (it was 1915), shanghai-ing of sailors ...

Special sailing from Lindsay from Apprentice to Captain

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